Ati nani aliwadanganya wakati ya Kenyatta maisha ilikuwa rahisi???!

HAKUNA KAZI!! NO VACANCY!! The signs read. Hoi polloi wamelala kwa ile nyasi tu, eating the usual air burgers after tarmacking all morning.

The year is 1976. Supermarkets are the same. Cash register ni ile ile. Dame wa supermarket ni yule yule. Maisha ni ile ile… :D:D

Opposition ni ile ile… hadi beggars ni wale wale tu. The ancestors of today’s street beggars had already arrived on Nairobi streets.

Kibera ni ile ile…

@patco Kenyatta alikuwa guok ilidedi 1775. He was the root cause of our problem in our country.

Oil crisis after Islamic Revolution in Iran is what triggered all the problems we have

All the problems we are experiencing now?

since then we have never recovered

What about johnstone kamau and his leadership?

History hauijui vizuri, the revolution you are talking about came in '79, this oil embargo covered in that piece happened in '73 to punish US and Europe for their support of Israel during the Yom Kippur War

Nimetaja embargo mahali? am talking about 1979 oil crisis.

Vid ni ya 76

bado sijawatch. but huwa napitia wikileaks najua io time ya kenyatta economy ilikua inastruggle pia

:D:D:Dhata kenya haikua inaproduce oil or labda mimi ni mjinga @sani please explain as you would a child

1980 37% ya imports za kenya ilikua mafuta. na hatukua na exports za maana zenye zinatupea dollars. hapo ndo mechanized agriculture na factories zilianza kucollapse ju ya bei ya mafuta na bei ya spare parts

My fren unemployment haikuwa over 40% usitudanganye please.

For how long are you going to use that as an excuse for your inadequacies.
The better you,what have you done differently and better for the country

A young Gathecha arriving for Madaraka day celebrations in 1969, pale chini. With his sister and brother.

Slowly by slowly this video shows how wenye nchi started separating themselves from hoi polloi.

In 1964 the wenye nchi dias was closer to raiya. Wenye nchi were shabby and confused. Villagers.

In 1969 Nyiva Mwendwa is now classy. She dorns gloves like a young British lady. Mama Ngina now knows how to dress fancy. Jiggers are ancient history. Hair coiffed perfectly.

Hands now soft, nails manicured. Jembe blisters, ancient history.

Jomo now enjoys only Mercedes Benz and Lincoln Continental. All his suits tailored in Saville Row London. Ile kofia ya Jaramogi ameitupa kwa choo.

Hoi polloi are left to bake in the sun.

Fuck them I guess.

[SIZE=5]1964 :[/SIZE]



[SIZE=5]1969 :[/SIZE]

Lincoln Continental?.. Bloody Masons!!

blame it on America’s agenda of destabilizing the arabs for their oil

When do we take responsibilities for our wretched ways and actions?


Blaming CIA is always sweeter. The big boogeyman.

this is just sad…i am angry !