Ati mama alikwamia USA for 1year akawacha mzee na Mboch under one roof n nothing happened

Why is it that its the wife narrating the story. Talkers wanaweza vumilia 1yr with mboch only kwa nyumba. Ama wata dry fry mboch. Talkers kama @cortedivoire watakuwa wamepanua huyo mboch na kulamba tako all year.:D:D

The more likely scenario is he could have had a side chick or the maid si type yake.

Maybe the Husband has some underlying health issues

Actually its possible, the wife knew taste ya mzae so she knew hawes mgusa even with a long pole.

Acheni umama wanaumme

Ala ! Kumbe guys also watch Tuko Talks ?

Alpha male s CONTROL their dicks and desires and achieve god like power to control anything including women unlike beta males who are controlled, engulfed and destroyed by their dicks and desires.

Huu ni ushenzi mtupu…

Most humans don’t have a type

Wamejoin Kapote.

Yes i watch it bibi akikwamilia remote sina choice

Must be homosexual @chap and his wife
That woman should closely monitor @Kodiaga the young gardener and her husband

Talking to the wrong crowd, most believe being intimate with any strange woman as a conquer. Sijui lakini IMHO I find sex this,sex that is for small teenage boys … futuristic men don’t move like that.

Possible, just that alikuwa anakula mwanamke mwengine uko nje, sio mboch

some of us married men are full of integrity

Hahaha your right


That’s nothing. Living in the same house with a woman doesn’t mean you have to want to bed her.