Ati construction of Kenol - marua rd and Mau mau rds has been stopped. Sad.

But tugege tulisema hatukuli barabara. Serves them right.



Among key roads that had been planned for construction but have now been largely scaled down include the dualling of the Thika-Kenol-Marua road and the construction of the Mau Mau Road.

In the original 2022/2023 budget, Mr Kenyatta’s last in office, his government planned the dualling of the 27km Thika-Kenol-Marua road, which has been scaled down to 6.5km only in the new budget proposals before parliament.

The previous administration also planned construction of the 49km Mau Mau Road, but in the supplementary budget, this has been brought down to 13km.

Kina @ChifuMbitika aka @mnyambuo are angry at this but they are too proud to say it here.

Wee gathee gaka niukwenda kuruithio ringii niguo ugie mutwee

Amefanya! Shida ni kwamba sisi ndo tumefanywa.

Good job President Ruto! Cancel all of them and focus on debt repayment. Also, in future I believe we should have a law that limits how much money a regime can borrow to prevent the recklessness we saw with Uhuru in his final term. It is common sense you have to develop now without compromising the future generation’s ability to do so.

You may want to listen to this to correct your thinking… But then again, I guess you wont listen to it, coz you dont want to see your idol in true light…

Hasora atawale!

Just renegotiating a new kickback for Murkomen and Nabii Arap Singh

What’s the status of the Nyeri- Nairobi road? Last passed there last September and the were still working on the dual carriage from Kenol. I know they couldn’t figure out how to proceed from Karatina. Is te road passable ? They had already done the digging so will that be abandoned ? And WTF will Gachagua say since this is the same freaking road he uses ?

We sure do need roads, but not all of them RIGHT NOW.

It was a campaign gimmick to push tinga up Mt kenya. Fortunately he fell headfirst

And now tugege are happy they have no roads. Nuu wamurogire?

Someone must be shitting bricks. Contractors ni watatu I think. Whose stretch is gonna be cut down? Alafu some sections are really almost done but zingine ziko very raw. I hope wamalize pande yetu. Maguta maguta in 2 years pia mimi 2027 niingie siasa iko nini. Niende senyet na boxer :smiley:

Which roads? Empty promises to be funded by unavailable debts?

Siku hizi mambo ni ku-hope na maombi tu. Gone are the days people were assured of results.