Athletes who shone brilliantly and now fizzled

The decline has been very steep for these athletes.

  1. Youtube man (Julius Yego) → Age 29

2011 All Africa games gold
2012: African Championships gold
2014: Commonwealth Games gold
2015: World championship Gold with a throw of 92.72 m
2016 : Olympic silver medal
2018: 6th in the Commonwealth games semi-finals with a throw of 74.5 metres

  1. Tumuti Mucheru (Age 25)
    2016: African Championships gold
    2016: Olympic silver medal
    2018: Failed to qualify for Commonwealth games

  2. Nicholas Bett (Age 28)
    2015: World championships gold medal

What happened to them?
Fancy bears?

What about Eldoret express?

the mind wanders. for example the athlete wins a total of 150 million, establishes an alternative income of 500k. hiyo mateso ya training anaachana nayo, anazaa, analewa, anaongeza tukilo, maisha inashika. alafu anafika late 20 and thirties and being a star doesnt matter and they go into their comfort zones, maisha inashikaaa.

Mercy Cherono.
She had a bright future but her good looks attracted all manner of fisis and her running career suffered for it.

enyewe kalikua ka lebo

ION, where’s the flamboyant Conjestina Achieng?

Last time i heard about her she was slowly developing mental issues

Number one should have been Pamela Jelimo.She had such a promising career.Won Olympics Gold,won IAAF golden league jackpot alone ($1M) kutoka hapo scandals za sijui bwana sijui ni boyfriend sijui manager!The rest is history!

where’s she nowadays? there was a time she was the in thing…

I saw Pamela Jelimo(Nandi Express) as the perfect solution to Semenya. But unfortunately, she fizzled out when money trickled in.

She went to Nigeria to TB Joshua’s church for prayers to rejuvenate her athletics career.

YEP she says she lost the motivation to work hard. Waking up every morning at 5 am to run 10km na vinginevyo.
Plus I it seems she was emotionally frail and when her husband divorced her, she felt abused and could not motivate herself.
Hapa ndio we need psychologists

Youtube man no longer has access to WIFI

Excelling in Sports goes down with age…

They are all still young. I posted their ages hapo juu