Atheist Parenting....

Haiya! Here’s a chance to make your children sympathize with the cock sucking homosexual loving fraternity.


This is very wrong. Kwani they thought life just came from air.

This is actually a good project. Teach your kids reality at a small age. I hate the way Christianity threatens little children with images of hell. Mimi nilisema my kid will not be baptized. When he/she turns 18 and wants to be baptised or convert to Islam shauri yake but I won’t be one to impose a religion on my kid.

to each his own!

whats the reality after all?

Is being a homosexual worse than a religious supremacist like the KKK.

True that mara mia moja. Religion also teaches kids to follow authority which is not always right, not to ask questions that the Sunday school teacher can’t answer and to pray instead of looking for a solution. Mahali huyo jamaa hapo juu ametoa homosexualiy in an atheist forum sijui

Two very unrelated issues

haha uyu ni Harrison Mumia etal

According to mayeks atheists sire homesexuals.

My only issue here is the lack of dark-skinned kids in that photo. Black4Life

It is better than telling fairy tales of moon splitting by a sandnigger. Rationality over religious delusion.

Especially when children are being taught about Hell. Seriously? You want to tell them they will be doomed for eternity if they commit a thought sin? Definitely emotional abuse…

i was raised a fundamentalist,bible thumping,almost tongue-speaking,young earth-believing creationist christian.not once in my childhood and early teens did
i question the story of Noah’s Ark.we weren’t raised to question things.Then someone mentioned something about plants being underwater for a year,freshwater fish not being able to survive,the amount of water on earth not being enough to cover the planet.That was all it took to begin the process of asking questions.
its not always about winning the debate .a lot of times all that’s necessary is planting the seed and natural curiosity takes it from there…

Will be impractical in Kenya since religious studies are mandatory in all systems of formal Education.

By the time one thinks they are atheists they’ll be 18+ years old.

Believe it or not I am an atheists but the rest of my family are staunch believers. I destroy their arguements many times and leave them speechless but the nature of belief is such that it gives you little room to maneuver, reason or question. All the sames I am glad the young ones have been exposed to both sides and will be able to make informed choices based on fear of hell, or blind faith, or claims of knowldge of Jesus or enlightment of the kind I have. There is no hatred, no looking down upon the other, just respect for each others beliefs no matter how blind I think theirs is, thanks to their mother:D

I think that is marketing, they aiming for the foreigners living in kenya.
Maybe kenyans are not known for being atheist.

A very thought-provoking question my good man. What is reality? You may call me a “Transcendental Idealist” because I believe that first, reality is by no means inherent. It is a figment of our imagination and thus it is purely immaterial for when you die, reality ceases to exist. And, that, my friend, is my answer to your question.