Without religion, atheists won’t exist. They can’t do their own thing without involving God or other supreme beings. They are irrelevant without religion. Atheism is dependent on religion. Which means atheists are lowkey religious. Holy shit!!


Atheists are just petty and bitter…nothing more

a true atheist should be indifferent to religion.

Lack of direction. Most of them don’t even know what their cause is. Just copy cats and mass movement

Without crime, police would be irrelevant. Does that mean police lowkey support crime?
Without illness, a doctor is irrelevant. Does that mean a doctor lowkey supports illness?

A theist believes you cannot prosper without god(s). A successful atheist proves you can. That is what angers theists the most because an atheist makes them wonder whether faith and belief matter at all in life.

Fuack religion

True, but that would only be possible if religion and state were STRICTLY separated. Currently we see in Kenya the leader of state, president, hosting “prayer breakfast”/ “national prayer day” and so on with our taxes, taxes generated by both theists and atheists. Yet there is no study to suggest prayer has any impact on outcome of events. So, how can an atheist be indifferent to religion when religion still affects their life?

Mark 4:1-20.the parable of the sower.
You as christian or a religious folk,what is your purpose,besides the obvious “stewardship”,being in your sect? Is it to save,get vexated by non believers of christ,convert,ridicule,enlighten,convince,bash,sideline or advice others? Ama its non of your business all together?. Are you TRUE follower living the full potential to your christ bila kukemea wenzako? what separates you from a non believer…again,besides the obvious? Asifuye mvua imenyea,cant explain that shït but, yeah.

Yes,but you’re are half right about a low key religious atheist ,that agnostotheism ,more like watermelons,they do believe in the existence of a God or Gods, but regards the basis of this proposition as unknown or inherently unknowable,hence zile question mwenda ,“where did god come from”

My sentiments may deem me as an atheist but im more on the outer realms of the confusion,im no partisan but i like to watch,lets call it secular for now

Fun fact: top ten richest,safest,peaceful and developed countries are the least religious,based on perception,sorry US is not in the list. Musiniuwe priss

Religion is something inscribed in our DNA ata tufanye aje we cant escape it…So hakuna kitu kama less religious…just denial

Theists really have it rough


Athens basically endeavour to correct the wrongs done by theists. Debunk the myths and lies spread over the millennia by the religious people. Expose the absurdity of religion.

Its like saying police are lowkey supporting crime because their work is dependent on it…

I can, and I have…and that’s not how DNA works.

Then my friend yyou are no sentiient being

I’m a nobody clinging to an idea of being someone, you’re not very different Sentient Being.

Had to come back to this. What tangible truth do you have about religion in general. You were predisposed to be whatever religion your progenitors were. You have free will,how different are you not to follow those doctrines you were born into? You said ,lack of direction yet you were herded to where you are now not allowed to question because the ‘truth’ is hot wired in you since sunday school and family table time. Fair enough,why weren’t you a buddhist or muslim? Why is your religion better the next? Does that make you superior than a person who doesn’t believe yet you breathe the same air,they have a better life than most,are happier and contented for life? You equated ‘not believing’ with ‘no cause…’, a bit vague but what is there in life besides being successful ,doing right to others and improving others’ lives if possible? Again,the most advanced and peaceful countries are not religious fanatics but im sure a ‘believer’ will find a fault or no cause to be who they are without christianity <—wanted to say religion but im biased as you are

I was referring to the Atheists, No we don’t bash them but yes we are different to them because they seem to have a personal vendetta with God and His people, I mean its even written in their name… Against Theists. Now what direction does one have in opposing the other??? You are just following the footsteps occustrated by your fellow christian, because you seem to know the doctrine but you clearly are on for opposing, nothing else.

And in the answer to your question is, as you grow you get preferences, understanding, clear perception… Perhaps I lacked free will in sunday school, perhaps i was drawn to christianity by my fore fathers and fathers before them…
But now i have understanding and contentment, I choose christianity out of free will, I choose Good not Evil, Faith not Fear, Truth not lies…

I have no tangible evidence of existence of religion, neither do they, neither do science have proof of the existence of whatever they cook these days… . All that cycles on belief thats rooted to the subconcious of every man…

Truedat. Atheism isn’t a world view. Its a response to a claim.