Atalijua Jiji

She admits she broke the law. Sheria ikiguatwa anafaa anyang’anywe license. Sasa anaenda kwa media ndio dminus wamkubali avunje sheria au? What’s the point of her expose juu saa hii watamkalia na wamharie



Mkubwa, jeshi letu la polisi is a totally rotten lot! Even if you obey all laws, City by laws, national laws, obey hata the laws of gravity, bado polisi will extort you mercilessly!

Kenya na Colombia hakuna tofauti kubwa Sana. ni failed states. Atapatikana hapa in the near future.


Salaries in the force are, at the very least, neanderthal. Not fit for homo erectus diet and lifestyle.

I stand for a minimum 40k net pay to the lowest officer

It wont make them stop. Trump, Uhuru, wote wadosi na kwanza waliiba zaidi. The cops will now demand bigger bribes because they will be in more debt ( they will take bigger loans).

How do we know that before we actually hike their salaries?


Am all for higher salaries for police and these two things are different. The other issue is harder to deal with. It means a working government na pale tuko, noma jo.

Trust me on this: we can afford better salaries for our police

Its important to note that if the money paid to Kitengela OCS Jannifet Mutuku by mpesa was tracked down, it would be found that each month she receives the 5K, she sends the bigger %age of it to Kajiado OCPD who receives the same from several Kajiado police station OCS’s. He in turn has to send the bigger %age of it to higher ups.

This is how the corrupt .ke political class pays the police to overzealously protect their interests.

So in a case like this the bar owner Merceline Otieno is not just fighting Kitengela OCS, she is fighting the entire Police force + GOK and very bad things are going to happen to her soon to serve as an example to police extortion victims nationally.

That whole system of police extortion on bars and wine shops which brings in millions is not going to be stopped because some Jaluo lady in Kitengela has made some noise.

Its Merceline Otieno thats going to be delt with, ili iwe funzo kwa wegine.

When Baba takes over on Aug 10, hakuna kulipa tena.

Nime onyesha mtu hii story akaniambia vile hio pesa ugawanwa.

  1. The monthly 5k all goes to the Kajiado OCPD

  2. The Kitengela OCS and her inspectors eat from the 200/= from the police patrol car collections

  3. The station police eat from the 100/= foot patrol collection.

It works the same in all over .ke and career advancement depends on how well an individual cop works this system.

The police don’t extort from bars only, but also from scrap metal dealers, charcoal dealers, transporters, timber sellers, rahani shops, etc, etc. The modus operandi is the same from Busia to Mandera to Kwale to Lokichoghio.

Kenya is a fucked up country