Ata pale tulikataa mambo ya single moms??

You can decide to bang the mother until he is old enough to kick your ass.

Hii nilisha dry fry kabla ijue niko na bibi

Lete namba.

Hehe, today am standing in for judge JUDY…:D:D:D
Hii kesi lazima nitatue.
I want to understand why @Baby Panay and others have a strong emotional dislike towards single mothers?

Although I understand the point of views or arguments that will be put forward by a majority of elders will not sound, strong or logical, mheshimiwa hebu nielezee? points zako kadha…hio mbisha umeichangamkia saidi. Is that your son?:smiley:

Yangu moja kubwa is that the child will always be her first priority.

Not really hata ukiwa na wife na wototo ni wako copy right…she [wife] will tend to give more attention to the kids than you. It is the nature of the females. That aside, what kind of attention does a man seek from a woman other than ejaculating inside her…?

Hio issue ya priority is a broad topic. Fanya research na utanielewa.

Marrying a single mom especially with a boy child you will never be united as a family. It’s them against you. She will always pick mtoto wake.

Hapa nakubali to some great extent. Ina kaa a very risky investment in a very dynamic business environment. Its a losing game.
But now why hate them yet no one is being coerced to marry one…hapa ndio shida iko

Huyu dem ni below average.

@Electronics4u ata pale spendi complaining ebu tell me why this ninja has a customized title na mimi naomba ya VS na hujawai nipea?

But si wewe ni mimi?

wachanga uongo boss , hii kitu ni ya Botswana ama ulikuwa unauza mkundu botswana ?

I don’t hate them. Ni venye tu siwezi penda

:D:D exactly. Unajiaibisha.

Wacha nijipee title. Unasema tujipee title gani?

Village Billionaire.

Naona Village Mbirrionaire iko sawa. Ama tunaona aje?

Why all that bile against single women, the best time I have heard in the recent past has been at the hands of various single mothers, they need comforting and care just like other women.

Hapo tuko sawa kabisa.

Tafasali be specific. Mtoi wake hawes mnyandua ata akitaka, only you can do that. What more do you require ju kama ni kiroma mtasos wote pale mezani.

If the child develops attitude towards you and orders his mother to dump you.

She will dump you even of you are innocent.