Ata mimi ningewaita tu monkeys.

I was watching a documentary, or rather a movie, called Bending the Arc, analyzing the philanthropic efforts of a Dr. Paul Farmer and his partner Jim Yong Kim. You may remember Jim Yong for being appointed as the World Bank president despite having no background in economy or financial studies.

So the movie revolves around the two guys and their teams delivering health care to developing nations. Frankly, I had no idea we were much better off than Haiti, a nation that gained independence 300 years ago. Just another proof that bonobos can barely manage themselves.

Anyway, so this guys are seeking funds for their efforts of helping nations such as Haiti, Rwanda and Liberia during various epidemics such as HIV/AIDs, TB, Ebola and other comorbids. Their first stop was WHO, and believe it or not, majority of them whitie niggas were against the idea of providing financial as well as R&D support that would help with developing effective drugs to support poor nations.

The WHO reps camouflaged their excuses under funny words such as “not viable,” “extremely risky” and “wastage of funds” making it sound like the health care sector was some sort of corporation. But the Farmer and Kim team worked hard to convince these individuals, and finally, got WHO to allocate funds for developing nations. Bear in mind that these are the happenings of 1980s and not recent events. So these two people decided to rally behind Africans when AIDs was ravaging them when most of their fellow whites were against the idea of suppprting poor nations.

So put yourself in Farmer and Kim’s shoes. You have seen people living in pathetic situations, felt for them and decided to do anything you can to help them, which includes going against your own people’s wishes. You get huge organizations to donate any sort of aids towards this cause. But guess what, two years later, word gets to you that the donated funds were embezzled to the last coin. Not only are the people you felt for in worse situation than before, but the people you tasked with management of the donated funds, are walking around freely and talking shit after doing their thing. I’d hate the African and call him bonono too. I totally agree. Bonobo is the appropriate word.

Mimi nilichoka kusema eti Negroes are NOT the same as caucasians but nay sayers say it is self hate. What I know is Humans have different breeds just like cows and goats, and Negroes, caucassians, Mongoloids are all different breeds. Some have more physical strength while others have higher intellect capacity that is a [SIZE=6]FACT[/SIZE]

Do your research on Haiti those chaps were dealt some really lousy cards (not making excuses for them or Africans) but the west will always back a puppet dictator be it in Africa, Asia or South America puppets they can easily control.
Haiti has gone through and will keep going through shit if their competition i fields like agriculture is countries like America, for eg the US subsidizes it’s farmers and through programs like USAID come and dump it in Haiti making sure Hatians can nver feed themselves, France on the other hand backs despots in Haiti and lets not forget the massive fine they are still charging Haiti for winning independence , their neighbours dominican rep don’t want any Hatians in their midst ( Actually this may be the most hostile country to blacks on earth )

I call these lame excuses. all people have been dealt bad cards by some other people. It’s not like they will ever stop supporting despots for whatever reason. even germany has been raped thrice and they are still going strong, same with japan, korea, china etc. If you can stand up for yourself people will respect that. no one can respect people with a president like the kenyan one. NO one.

Wewe nikikutaja kwa list ya self haters huwa unakataa. Huwa unasema ati you don’t say blacks have low iq. So leo umekubali that you are sure blacks have low iq

Lakini musito @Ndindu apart from pasting stuff from your twitter feed, you make some very good threads .some that I must say find it important to read through to get different perspectives… On this I find it really difficult to understand where you are coming from…its either u are just a millenial or a completely confused nigger all the same.

Why do you blame African’s for the actions of their leaders? Was Jomo Kenyatta a saint, he was a thief of the highest caliber? Does that mean you and your children are all scumbags because your leaders are corrupt?

Since when is the local populace blamed for the actions of Abacha, Idi Amin, Mobutu Sese Seko, and the rest? Is every German a Nazi because Hitler was their leader once upon a time?

Do you even know about the history of Africa? Do you even know what happened to leaders who tried to elevate their people by making sure their resources benefited Africans?

Are Lumumba or Sankara on vacation in the ski resorts of Europe?

Why do those nations have Abacha’s loot? Why do those clean, developed, human right countries have every ill-gotten wealth from every dictator in Africa?

Try to use your intelligence to reason, or just try to reason at all? The very notion that corrupt states with fragile institutions looted in the eighties means that you and your offspring are corrupt and naturally immoral is a height of stupidity that inspires awe.

Things do not just happen without cause? And things don’t remain the same throughout the ages? Did you know that America was once the most barbaric place on earth? Do you know that the former most Barbaric place on earth is now a role model for others?

And don’t think those org’s are innocent? They know! They are not stupid! They are complicit. Because that wealth through their “bonobo partners” is channeled back to their nations.

Another history lesson…the eighties were one of the worst times of Africa ever! Especially Sub-Sahara Africa. Our economies collapsed, and some collapsed permanently.

In the early eighties, DRC Congo’s economy was larger than Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, and Sudan combined. The same was true for Ghana.

It was due to the collapse in the eighties that Africa was declared a lost continent, and we stagnated up to the late nighties. After the civil wars, the political upheavals is when we settled and started our march towards economic development, in the 2000s.

Do not think that just because we are poor today means we will be poor for all eternity. Regardless of the complaints, the constant negativity, the Africa of today is not the Africa of yesterday.

Kenya today is not the same Kenya of ten years ago. Devolution has rapidly transformed this country unless you are a Nairobi Netizen who does not travel.

Africa is the next frontier of development, after China and India(both who have been just as poor as us but had more infrastructure than we did).

Whether you complain or not, we are moving forward, through negativity or positivity, we will tarmac new roads, build new schools, build new economic zones, and slowly but steadily improve the living standards of our people throughout the continent.

Am even of the opinion that our intelligence is still high, only that we are still trapped in the colonialism cocoon.

Dude, before you drench yourself in tears trying to explain yourself, its best that you understand power belongs to the people. The thing is its highly probable that you engage in online wars trying to defend your tribal leaders; the same people mesing up our economies. If Ouru was to go Central right now under the pretext that he’s shunned Raila, almost every Okuyu would applaud him and demand for an extensionto his term. In short we do embrace those who oppress us instead of doing away with them

It’s always interesting that Africans get blanket condemnation but other continents people get individualized condemnation. Hitler is just an individual. Lenin is just an individual. KKK were just a group
A Chinese reading this blog would wonder why anybody would do that because it’s not normal behaviour. He would be right.

In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve

“Political power is drawn from the barrel of a gun” Mao Ze Dong. The powerful manhandle the weak. It is why America bombs the middle east to the stone age while preaching about human rights. It is power that grants this privilege. But that is an argument for another day.

I do not know any nation on earth that did not engage in any form of extreme ethnicity. These countries that you so admire, were once in their own ethnic civil wars. They butchered each other for centuries but now, they are some of the most peaceful countries on earth.

Tribalism is a major issue in Kenya and Africa at large. But we have already identified it, we are trying to contain it. Do you think the Germans or Japanese called each other derogatory names and broadcasted to the entire world when they were embroiled in ethnic conflicts?

Dignity, Respect yourself, and deal with your issues without lamenting like a loser. Rwanda is dealing with its extreme ethnicity, did they run around complaining that they are apes only good for massacring each other?

Do you have any idea how many countries in the world are actually democracies? You think because mobutu or Amin allows you to vote that your vote matters? That you voted for Uhuru you can tell him what to do?

The masses do not control anything, even in America, Britain or Australia…the rich always consolidate their interests. Uliza Bernie Sanders!

Are you saying Kenya is not a democracy?

Kenya is a sham. Democracy kitu gain?? Wewe umeishi hapa ama wapi? Umeona vituko zote from Kenyatta to Moi to Kibaki to Muthamaki na bado unasema ati sisi ni democracy? Unajua Msando ni nani?

In this case the muzungu who donates this money is also a bonobo. Why give money to thieves?
Its like asking a Leopard to guard your sheep and goats and then acting shocked when they eat your farm animals.

Also these thieves are not bonobos. It is the people who vote for them that are bonobos. Our politicians who divide us along tribal lines are very clever. While we insult each other on social media, they are busy looting the treasury.

Look what Jomo Kenyatta did. He created hatred between Luos and Kikuyus. So while the peasants were busy bickering and calling each other names, Kenyatta and his inner circle were busy grabbing every parcel of land in site. The people were too busy calling each other names to notice. Now the Kenyatta family and those who worked for him are laughing all the way to the bank. The grandchildren of kina Mbiyu Koinange, Kanyotu, Kasanga Mulwa, Isaiah Mathenge et al are busy fighting over inheritance worth billions while most Kenyans are broke.

We may not have had much choice in the times of the first two presidents. But from Kibaki onward there are no excuses

Most countries that gained independence in the last 300 years are poor. Look at South America, South Asia and Africa.

probability ya low iq in blacks is high