Ata Hatujafikia Europe

is this guy seriously comparing Kenya and Europe?


But in Europe you pay taxes and the taxes are reflected when you want to access social services by being cheap and at times free.

My thoughts exactly.

if taxes were actually used to serve Kenyans , i bet Kenyans wouldn’t mind paying more

Oguna ameshiba anaambia wenye njaa waache pupa.

My concern is this, working Kenyans pay taxes but these are largely use to pay a very small elite - about 10,000 people.

Hawa watu wako na salaries za above 500K per month plus allowances, meaning the entire country is working for them.

Ghasiaa … lipeni taxes bila kelele elites tuendelee kuishi vizuri. Munadhani tutalipa aje family vacation pale Europe.

If you pay close attention to where the ruling class resides you’ll be surprised that our taxes are well utilised to benefit a few.
1.They have [SIZE=5]running[/SIZE] water sio Ile yenu hukuja ones or twice a week,Powerblackouts are unheard of.
2.Properly manicured roads that are well lit and drained roads. You can’t even notice it had rained last night.
3.Social amenities are a stone throw away, if you see how the law enforcement officers carry out their operations in this areas it’s like they are walking on eggshells because they don’t want to cross the lines of very powerful people like Oguna.

Then there is the common mwanainchi who is on the receiving end of our bandit economy whose children get free primary education and bursaries to domicile them.Their farm produce is getting bad in the interiors or being bought at the price of barks of a banana tree. When the common mwanainchi asks for better [SIZE=4]Oguna qnafungua mdomo na kusema "You are better than Europe you should be greatful’'. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Then we foolishly think hawa watu watatukomboa.[/SIZE]

Oguna’s guts and impunity are a reflection of the electorate’s idiotic voting choices. Don’t blame him, blame the people he works for, who are handed power by clueless voters. In a proper government for the people this guy would’ve resigned the same day, no debate about it.