At my best

Got a new job, which involves ordering shit around. Yaani, the job places me – a twenty something year old guy – at a place of extreme authority.

And I love it. I especially don’t mind ordering young guys around, and referring to them (casually) as boys.

The pay is alright. The only sticking point is that I love drinking.

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Shrooms can help do away with alcohol cravings

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Shida yako, utakuwa unacheka na Kimani Mbugua on Twitter daily

Tunajua una order machali uwakule mkia

Unabrag na job position? Hata wewe unakula na urefu ya kamba

I’m claiming I love the job since it entails ordering young fellas around. Young guys like @Baby_Panay. Very disrespectful guys. You gotta teach them some manners.


Hapa ni God anakufanyia set up aone how you will treat people.