At Mathishe,@ mathais @ole wenu@ mawaya

Stop quoting me huko in the new village. You are rubbish, giko…ngui wewe. Grow up…I have blocked you nimechoka. Ndangari ino.

***/t/badges-and-ranks/316/8 aka Kenyanlist.

I am not your grandma. Stupido. Atee you thought it was that shoso from London…thie ugakue. You have hounded my handle for eons.

Bring it on! One and the same handle.

What’s going on?

Methinks nyege zinawasha mtu.

Just shurrup if you are not quoted.

Kai ureda mûti shosh,


Tulia mammy

Just shurrup if you are not quoted. I have one at my disposal any time I need it. 24/7…


Yaani, you cant let mtu avent kwa amani. (Tuko October. [COLOR=rgb(209, 213, 216)]3 more periods mwaka uishe)

Do you also have periods?

Are those three handles same and one person MFW? Na wamekufanyia nini ukajam?

YES that is mathais:saitan:. Ask him huko new blog to stop quoting me. Geko keu…

Which blog?

I quoted the blog…kwanini guys like pretending all the time?

@Mrs Shosho you are idle bitch…jipe shughuli :meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:

mtu asikusumbue MFW niko nyuma yako

The imaginary paper birrionea housewife from Randan is on her periods. Foodstamps na welfare zimechelewa na anaproject moods zake everywhere. :D:D:D

Kutoka umu-expose as a housewife on welfare and foodstamps kule London amekuwa short tempered sana lately. After years of kutisha watu huku with imaginary properties na hajawahi pata pesa ya kuvisit wazazi for over five years Kenya claiming the tickets are too expensive :D:D


The noogle knows I have blocked his handles here so like the old woman he is had to try it on at the new village. When will some men grow up…repeating yourself ta mutumia mukuru atete funguro…move to the other village and leave me out of it.
When I say I have blocked you, best believe me or at the v least return the bloody favour.