At least hakuna teargas

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hizi suti za BABA si zinakuwanga KALIIIIII

Watermelon kwani ako wa?

Na ni kweili Weta alitembea leo, hiyo vumbi! Ama aliitwa akielekea Anniversary Towers?

So, JaKuon is formally invited to NAX kesho.

It is time for him to show that he’s a dignified gentleman worthy of leadership. He skipped inauguration and many other events of national importance, and the low point was the hastily organized ‘victims’ prayers’ that he didn’t even dare attend. It is people like Orengo and Muthama who have been agitating for childish confrontation. They have seen the invitation. Will they convince him to make a fool of himself yet again?


:D:D. Yenyewe weta ametoka mbali. Kiatu imejaa vumbi.

wacheni upuss fiatu sa Weta ni prown .

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I really wanted to vote for the Bukusushepat $4 prezzo until I saw this picture - a trouser which is 2 inches longer than needed, an oversize jacket, unbrushed shoes…na mtu anaenda kurepresent Kenya. Aisee, mboss, kwenda kuwa MCA Pungoma pwana…


The court allowed the rally to continue as scheduled.

flower gel don matter…


talk of being put between the hammer and the anvil…

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He is in beijing…

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Yep. After today’s photo-op at the house on the hill, it would be ridiculous to be at Uhuru Park kesho, with those front-row hecklers goading JaKuon to throw preposterous insults at UhuRuto.

We’ll see how things will be tomorrow.

These Koreans are smart.
Ban Ki Moon is Korean.
He must have impressed on the president to intervene on his behalf on the Kenyan political nonsense.
The Koreans thus killed two birds with one stone.
Am not sure if Moses Kuria’s letter had reached the sendee, but maybe, just maybe Kuria was our Moses after all. You can never be too sure about these things.

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Gay Comment!!!

Unfortunately, no peasant problems were discussed.

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