AT last the MD 530F Cayuse Warrior is Inbound

[SIZE=7]MD Helicopters receives order for six Kenyan MD530Fs[/SIZE]
Written by defenceWeb, Monday, 01 October 2018

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[LEFT][/LEFT]MD Helicopters has received an order to deliver six MD530F Cayuse Warrior armed light helicopters for the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), after Kenya requested 12 of the type in May 2017.

Arizona-based MD Helicopters on 27 September said it had received a second Delivery Order issued against its five-year, $1.4 billion light scout attack helicopter IDIQ (indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity) contract from the US government on Kenya’s behalf. The firm, fixed-price includes initial logistics support (ILS) for the aircraft, aircraft systems and ground support equipment.

The contract was awarded through U.S. Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Initial deliveries will take place in April 2019, with all aircraft delivered prior to the August 2019 contract completion date, MD Helicopters said.

“We look forward to delivering these MD 530F Cayuse Warrior helicopters to the Kenya Defence Forces, enhancing their ability to provide close air support and over-watch for ground operations,” said Lynn Tilton, Chief Executive Officer for MD Helicopters.

The IDIQ contract vehicle ensures an estimated quantity of up to 150 armed MD530F Cayuse Warrior and/or MD530G attack helicopters are available to US and Partner Nation Military Forces. With the issuance of Delivery Order 2, MD Helicopters is currently under contract to deliver a total of 36 armed MD 530F Cayuse Warrior helicopters. The first delivery order was for MD530s for the Afghan Air Force – deliveries of these started on 8 August 2018.
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[MD Helicopters](‘ Helicopters’)

MD Helicopters said that in addition to an advanced, all-glass cockpit and ballistically tolerant crashworthy fuel system, Kenya’s MD530F Cayuse Warrior fleet will be outfitted with the full complement of mission equipment standard to the Cayuse Warrior. This includes:

FN Herstal Weapons Management System
DillonAero Mission Configurable Armament System (MCAS)
DillonAero Fixed-Forward Sighting System
62mm ballistic armour protection
FN Herstal .50 caliber HMP 400 Machine Gun Pods
M260 7-shot rocket pods

The KDF’s six armed MD 530F aircraft will also include an enhanced communication system that features the Harris RF-7850A tactical radio and the Rockwell Collins HF-9000D.

In May 2017 Kenya requested the purchase of 12 MD530F helicopters from the United States, at a proposed cost of $253 million including weapons, ammunition and support. At the time, the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) said the deal would include 24 Heavy Machine Gun Pod (HMP) 400 systems; 24 M260 rocket launchers; 4 032 M151 rockets; 1 536 2.75-inch M274 smoke signature warhead rockets; and 400 000 rounds of .50 calibre ammunition.

“The proposed sale of the MD 530F helicopters, weapons, ammunition, support items and technical support will advance Kenya’s efforts to conduct scout and attack rotary wing aircraft operations in support of their AMISOM mission. The MD 530F will also replace Kenya’s aging MD500 fleet, which is the current reconnaissance platform supporting Kenyan ground forces. This sale will significantly enhance the Kenyan Army’s modernization efforts and increase interoperability with the US Armed Forces and other partners in the region. Additionally, a strong national defence and dedicated military force will assist Kenya in its efforts to maintain stability in East Africa,” the DSCA said.

The MD530F as an evolution of the OH-6 Cayuse light observation helicopter that goes back to the Vietnam War. It is powered by a Rolls-Royce 250-C30 turboshaft engine producing 317 kW at takeoff and giving a cruise speed of 248 km/h with a maximum range of 430 km and a service ceiling of 5 700 m. The helicopter can carry a 980 kg external load.

The armed MD530F has been deployed by the Afghan Air Force since 2011.

How come we couldn’t include in the agreement we buy new MD500F and they retrofit our old MD500 fleet with modern equipment?

Like better ballistic windshields, Bigger guns like a mini gun, better radar and flir cameras, new fuel tanks that heal when shot at etc.

air tactor bado hazichafika


inaonekana athamaki huwa ni left handed.

right hand is for jerking off and for weilding the national sword.

Wangenunua UAV kadha

gava ni kama wako undecided on whether to get the L3 aircraft the OA8 Longsword [at a cost of 40+ Bil. Ksh for 12+2 trainers ] or the New Archangel from IOMAX [at 24+ Bil Ksh for12+2 trainers],coz there doesnt appear to be any movement to fill the Overwatch / Close air Support / with 10+ hr loiter times plus real time comms.

Kenya really needs dedicated attack helicopter. It will be interesting to see how these light birds will fare against Al Shabaab’s MANPADS. They performed terribly in Afghanistan.

i expect they will be used in conjuction with the cobras, which i suspect might more than the 3 we know about plus with the upgrade the OEM is expected to provide. They might work very well with the MD530F, Since the cobras were built for ground attack.

Alshabab has no manpads they only have zpu guns.

What’s the point of buying these expensive equipment when they will not be available when needed? Remember that incident that saw 147 Kenyan Christian students killed by those satanic Somalis at Garissa University?
The reason why police couldn’t respond in time was because Mr Mbithi had sent the helicopter to Mombasa. Who knows how many lives could have been saved had they deployed in good time.

On the Garissa incident, the Nation established that the police Cessna 208B aircraft, registration number 5YPOL, had left Wilson Airport on April 2 at around 7.30am and arrived in Mombasa at around 9.30am.
The crew — acting Senior Superintendent James Kabo and an Inspector Mutai — had been instructed by the Kenya Police Air Wing commandant, Mr Rogers Mbithi, to fly to Mombasa to pick up his daughter-in-law and her child.
Mr Boinnet had been immediately briefed about the unofficial flight, but it was not until Saturday that he directed that his office be furnished with a full report regarding the movement of the aircraft.
Consequently, a brief was prepared in which Mr Mbithi said that the woman was his daughter-in-law but did not disclose who the businessman was.

Somebody will point out that the military and the police are totally different units but my response is that they are both run by the same rotten to the core Jubilee government. Corruption starts right from the CIC down to the sweepers. Power is nothing without control

Hehe, ati MANPADS?

No one disputes that the Goverment of the day is manifestly corrupt, but the terrorist incidences in past are the reason why such acquisitions are critical to our border & counter insurgency ops, and anyway seeing as nine Fennec Choppers are already here[which are likely have something like the paramount Flash Weapons & ISR suite Integrated onto them] , we need to secure the entire north east otherwise Somali in 10-15 years when Arab money stabilizes them will claim it again, but if the infrastructure and capability is already there, they’ll keep mum

Short for Man-portable air-defense system

I know what it means. Nani alikuambia Shabaab wako nazo?

On their inventory and current positions, Al-Shabaab have in Kismayo, armored vehicles, ZUE 23 Anti-Aircraft system- man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS), artillery batteries, shoulder fired missiles, heavy and light machine guns, rocket propelled grenades, and Ak-47 rifles, and pistols.

Types of Weapons Used by Al-Shabaab in Kismayo, Intelligence on Battery Positions – Strategic Intelligence Service

Your mharo source lists the ZU 23 as MANPADS. Hii hapa[ATTACH=full]197619[/ATTACH]
Man-portable alright

In reality MANPADS are missiles, with the modern ones being wire-guided, laser guided or heat seeking. MANPADS hizi hapa[ATTACH=full]197620[/ATTACH]

I expected a picture of a fighter with a MANPADS but oh well…

If they had even one, there’d be an emergency meeting at DoD. Wangekua wameangusha at least one Kenyan/US airplane in Zoomalia

i dont know why KDF has’nt been able to eradicate the alshabab’s hiding or crossing points in & around the Boni forest on the border with Somalia, yaani hakuna ata chopper moja yenye iko infrared [FLIR] capable which would enable Precision Targeted counter terror ops rather than just flying overhead with just the naked eye.

Mbithi has sent the police airing cessna caravan to eastern then coast. It was not a police chopper, all Kenya police choppers were grounded or sent abroad for refurbishment at the time.

cessna caravan

Also back then don’t assume anything. The military command is only ran by one civilian and he is at the top. Commander in Chief, the President himself. No one can call them to give orders apart from him. That’s why the security laws had to be amended in Parliament despite opposition noise. It now put all security services under a unified command structure where they meet, coordinate, plan and execute one line of orders as prescribed by the President. In the past the President had to call each to get a brief and order each separately. KDF, GSU, Police, Intelligence, prisons and KWS. Now under a joint command structure and office all are present and one person coordinates all their actions nationally. Should an incident happen in Garissa and the nearest officer is a prison warden then the KDF commander at the command watch can call him directly to and give orders to act without looking for Prisons HQ to relay that order. Any assets and equipments are available from any of the forces they can be directed there.

The DOD has been just okay, but they need to start being innovative…for the budget they have, we would at least be having some functioning defense industry, even if its producing some simple surveillance drones etc…

But the bureaucracy and stagnated thinking hatuendi mbali.