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@admin and his gang have realized traffic have declined.
Now proceed with customizing the User interface to be more friendly.
and why the fukc does mobile and desktop view differ?


Tafasari naomba hyo logo ya Ktalk muifiche na abbreviations ikuwe “KT” siwezi cheza chini nkiwa in public

Iyo Logo ya kenyatalk iongezwe size

Senji SV

what do you mean by differ and which mobile browser are you using?

Where in mobiles?

Android firefox browser

Shida ni nini exactly? Can I see some screenshots. Will also test firefox on my side lakini ujue desktop version haiwezi kuwa same na mobile version in the ui sector

Kwani Ktalk imekuwa xvideos?

KT ni wewe nani alikuambia logo inakuchezesha chini keti pare

Unaona page navigation (for selecting the page of a thread you want) hapo chini, please also put it at the top on mobile. On PC naona iko, but on the older site it was on mobile too.


@admin @Deorro …this is my mobile version…iko kama desktop


This is Firefox and it works fine for me. Shida ni gani haswa?

@123tokambio I need your help kiasi. Your windows phone pia inatoa hivi?

Everytime nikifungua thread it goes to the last comment of the 1st page, do I have to keep scrolling up??? put a prev& next on top of a thread like previously…and lastly every time i open a new thread i have to zoom in, the font size is damn small

iko smatta…


@Deorro solve this problem too.

I experienced the same problem in the last few weeks of the old ktalk

Onto it