At 35yrs what are the odds?

I am a certified and a V.I.P myonga monkey.

Never bothered to sleep with women not even one, actually feels so fresh forever but my Parents friends and Siblings been putting pressure lately.

Uko na Mali kuliko brothers zako but …
Utaoa lini?
Mtu unaleta lini?
Chai unaitana lini?

Meanwhile Mimi nanyonga akili inarudi to zero settings to not even look at a lady.

Nanyonga to not get bothered or to bother these females.
Mambo ya stress za females huskia na beste sijui wife amekuwa anakulwa ni co-worker, sijui bae amenipa stds, sijui wife ananiacha reason float imeshuka niokoloee budaboss…
Nimegundua kuna mengi hidden humo Kwa marriage.

Nashangaa wanataka vipi pia nianze kuteseka kama wao.?

Can’t a single man be happy forever?
Jesus way.


incubus zinakusumbua. Enda uombewe.

:rofl: :rofl:get yourself some pussy

Ukifika 30 kama hujaoa don’t even bother. Optimal age range ya marriage huwa 24 to 28. + or - 2. Beyond hapo just focus on your career/business and philanthropy.


Ya nini?
Wewe pussy imekusaidia na nini miaka yenye umekuwa nayo?
Roho safi


Last stages of turning gaaay.

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anxiety relief, great exercise and lifelong friends and enemies

sasa pesa unatafuta ya nini?
isipokuwa ya basic needs

Wewe umeoa maraya hii? Huyo Bibi si imeharibu mcea

OP kwani wewe ni monk? Unajibaka kweli kweli. Otherwise it’s safe kuliko kula takataka

That aside, I’m trying to figure out how this fuselage got there and the reason behind…huyu designer anavuta nini jameni

Angalau dinyia watu mabibi.


Tuko pamoja isipokuwa sina mali.

Expert chris hart alisema 35+ ni ngumu

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Above 50 and I ain’t regretting


System inaniambia you logged in last in 2015?

Welcome beck

I wonder why single mgaytow boys feel the need to cry over the rooftops announcing to all and sundry how being single and childless is fun and great :joy:
It sort of reminds me of the LGBTQ fellows and their pride parades:joy:
I seldom see threads of straight guys defending their decisions anywhere. Rarely! They quietly go about their pains or joy. but nyinyi ptho! Mgaytow this mgaytow that every other day!
Ni nini huwa inawaauma hadi you feel like you need to affirm to yourselves everyday and seek approval for your stupid decisions against the order of the universe and creator? Guilt maybe? Or maybe your inner soul is crying out? Hehe


Says the nigga who spends Saturday evenings rifling through his mbotches handbag looking for stolen Blueband :joy:


Pole bro

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See a shrink, you aren’t fine.
Wanking isn’t sex, it’s an exit to cover for your lack of confidence with women, that’s how you fool yourself it’s OK. Obviously, you want them, but fear them. That’s emotionally unhealthy–you are hiding from your real self. Eventually, your social awkwardness will have a toll on your personal life.
Oh yea, I know you’ll start protesting.
But do see a shrink.

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Only because you choose not to see.

When a very tiny community in the population voices their issues it’s now when tantrums like these gets thrown everywhere.

You sir, are a coomer