At 18 Km, Russia's Crimean Bridge Is A Marvel Of Engineering

Crimean Bridge
Total length Railroad bridge: 18.1 km (11.2 mi) Road bridge: 16.9 km (10.5 mi)
Water depth Up to 9 m (30 ft)
Longest span 227 metres
(745 ft)Clearance below35 m


[SIZE=5]Meanwhile hapa kwetu ka Bonobo Republic we can’t even build a 50 Meter(Ksh 4 Million )footbridge for school children.[/SIZE]


Crimea was stolen from Ukraine

:smiley: Ukraine was stolen from Russia

Hio ya Russia ilikuwa ya kuchezea Crimeans psychology.

For instance Kenya invades U.G and we take some chunk of territory there. Then to appease them Gathecha awamiminie develoment as a form of bribery ndio waone benefits of staying with Kenya and not U.G.

Wacha kutwist history. In 1939 Stalin invaded vast portions of independent Poland as it stood then and they were swallowed into communism forever kicking and screaming. Some of those parts include modern western Ukraine as it stands today, he had already swallowed Eastern Ukraine in 1922.

In those days Hitler and Stalin were very good friends. They used to divide weak European countries between them so that they don’t fight. It was a form of truce. But then Hitler decided that even France is fair game, kwani.

Mind you in those days Hitler and Stalin were invading the lesser races of Europe. The jews and fellows like the tartars. Basically folks with Asianlike features. Stalin was a Georgian considered Caucasian. His idea was to rape these lesser races to whiteness over time.

Hitler was more into wiping them off the face of the earth. They were not worthy of life.

actually Crimea was given to Ukraine in 1954, the transfer was approved by 13 members of a 27 member presidium [supreme soviet council of sorts), part of Russia’s legal argument for Occupying Crimea is that this meeting had no quorum, and thus was unlawfully done. but that’s just an argument, the core reason is that Ukraine or more specifically Kiev is the birthplace of Russia as unified state,so they can’t let everyone into their backyard without a fight, and Hitler and Stalin were never friends they were just plain old land grabbers working in cahoots to maximize their gains.

It is foolish to compare Putin’s bridge with pedestrian issues in your village.

Giving Crimea to ukraine in 1954 was a form of appeasement a goodwill gesture… A GIFT … from Kruschev to Ukranian leaders for accepting to be part of USSR. Just like Putin is doing today.

KRUSCHEV : Now that you Ukrainians have accepted to be part of USSR here is a small gift called Crimea.

PUTIN : Now that you Crimeans have accepted to be part of Russia again here is a new bridge!

The Russians after annexing your state would bribe local leaders with jobs… it was either you take these positions or you die and are replaced with people who are ready to work with the new master. Most Ukrainian communists had accepted to be annexed willingly but Russia knew that these Ukranians were very aware that they were once a republic. So to appease them you make it look like Ukraine is a republic within a larger republic, and give them fake gifts which can be taken away any time.

As pertains to Hitler and Stalin sharing Europe read about the top secret Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

Stalin and Hitler simply decided to share Europe as brothers. Stalin considered Hitler a socialist practicing his own form of socialism just as he himself was practicing his own brand of socialism back home in Russia.

NAZI stands for National Socialism.

Socialism was too pervasive to be ignored. Hitler was heavily inspired by socialism but he knew that the German people would never accept it. He was also a megalomaniac. He did not want to appear to follow some thought created by some Jewish philosopher called Karl Marx.

So he created a personal form of socialism called national socialism encompassing small bits and pieces of socialism and outright dictatorship. The west called it a new word : fascism.

In Stalin’s view Hitler was originally a comrade. But Hitler had his own ideas and considered even Stalin himself a lower race.

Every single white powerful country was a comrade to Hitler, all of them, from America to United Kingdom to France, they all shared his racist supremacy views…racial hierarchy was not invented by Hitler. All those countries were purging or brutally subjugating what they deemed to be lesser races. Hitler was even inspired by the eugenics and apartheid practiced in America. Churchill “the great hero” in his diaries writes with glee about dreaming of genociding Sudanese and other Africans; he administered a man made drought in India that killed millions, and when asked about it, he replied “well yes, but has Gandhi died?”

The only mistake that Hitler did, was turn his guns towards his fellow white people. Every white ruler went"oh freedom, oh liberty, oh dignity, oh the universal right to live as honorable human being ". Hitler became the most evil man alive, and an alliance was formed to combat the fascist evil Germans. While the rest of the world, the Africans, Asians, Native Americans, the Australian Aborigines were all collectively fighting the brutal, despotic colonial governments that were massacring their people like nothing.

If Hitler had not attacked the interests of France or UK, it would have been business as usual.