Asus zenbook UX434

Any shortcomings on this laptop,I want to shift from HP laptops.
Is Asus brand reliable…?

Mbona unatoka hp mdau? Mimi nilitoka hp nikaingia lenovo and am not happy nadai kurudia hp

[SIZE=5]HP build quality is terrible. Bound to break after a year of usage.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Better options would be ASUS, DELL ama SAMSUNG.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Asus are very reliable. Just search for one with an aluminum chassis and you’re good to go.[/SIZE]

Asus are reliable as the homosexual above has stated, change is always good to explore new technologies ,myself niko na Toshiba old-school and it’s doing fine

[SIZE=5]Only an unenlightened JKUAT fool would use a TOSHIBA laptop in this day and age, but to each his own…[/SIZE]

I can only use a ThinkPad, X na T series.

I thought Asus products are enhanced for gaming purposes

Nunua Macbook with M1 chip

Si utulie kiasi ushikishe mashine iko na windows 11. Asus iko fiti thats my target after nimemalizana na HP

I also have an old Toshiba ,it’s a bit bulky compared to the HP but it works well. The only thing I’ve replaced is the battery and power adapter.

Sande for the enlightenment mdau, I will try a different brand this time

Toshiba were very durable laptops. Problem is that they are just heavy but their laptops are very good.

[SIZE=5]Quality ni mbovu zaidi vis-a-vis their competitors.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]It’s like choosing a Peugeot SUV over a Land Cruiser. It works, but quality and reliability are greatly compromised.[/SIZE]

I have a Toshiba Satellite that I bought back in 2013. That laptop has served me my friend. I bought it when Windows 7 was still running in computers. Till now its still serving me well. I have changed the battery only. Nothing else.

[ATTACH=full]373073[/ATTACH]this is what is in my mind

Mimi pia. I gave it to a cuzo and it’s still firing well. Sijui nowadays after they sold it out iko aje

Toshiba made very durable laptops. Sadly, the sales were usually low. They closed the laptop selling division.

if it isn’t Dell, sitambui.

Samsung for life. Any other brand is a waste of time. Mimi kutoka fridge mpaka laptop ni Samsung ONLY