Asus Zenbook Pro Duo Laptop Unboxing & Overview It has 2 Screens! Crazy Specs!

Two Screens, One Laptop. Asus wants to prove that there are other ways to innovate besides just creating the thinnest laptops year after year. The ScreenPad Plus display is both practical and invaluable when at its best, but it entails some ergonomic drawbacks.

How much monies sir?
2,500 USD = Ksh 265,000

Almost like a used Probox car

Aesthetically pleasing,akin to, cover the face fire the base,siwesmind kuweka pale kwa room of solace

Thats cheap for a professional computer. regular dell professional comps go for up to 5000 USD. I am also tired of thinnest smallest hype. my current comp is a large one.

io ni madodido. nothing beats Lenovo ThinkPads, X and T series