Asus Laptops versus HP, Dell

Which is the best option in performance & Durability

Dell-Asus - HP

Anzia dell, the reliability and performance associated with this brand is on another level

Hehe mi haumini HP ndo iko poa. kumbe I am wrong.

What dell? Is it ni umeffi kumbe iko yuu sana.

HP sio long term. ASUS with a Metallic casing will last for years!

lakini hakuna laptop nishaiaminia kama Toshiba… walifunga biashara nikaskia vibaya sana…

Kuna Toshiba nilibuy 2013 hadi wa leo haijaiwai haribika kabisa. kitu nilireplace ni battery pekee of course after wear and tear…

Me niko na ya 2012 January na bado inaleta unga

dell must be your first choice i have an inspiron from 2009 and it works very well handles windows 10 enterprise smoothly ile kitu aifanyi tuu ni battery

Ubaya wa HP siku hizi kuna mingi za China…but ukipata origi uko poa

i had a toshiba and it died within a month the motherboard just up and died and it was a new machine mind you, ukikosa dell endea asus alafu hp on that order

No such thing as which is best…All are excellent companies with machines ranging from the very best to bad.I do not call it worst because they are budget machines meant for the financially strained person. Depends on what machine you want. What kind of machine do you want,price,specs or even looks?

Any of those will last. Been using hp since 2009 enzi za windows vista. Only thing I’ve done is upgrade the hard disk from the initial 360GB it came with.

Watu wa Acer tunachangia hii mada au la ?

Internals ndio muhimu ,then the aesthetics comes next. Lenovo ThinkPad T4 for me any time

HP huwezi tesa

I would go with ASUS. You will be able to find an ASUS laptop to fit any kind of budget and need. Their products are very reliable. The customer service is good. The money you pay goes towards the hardware and not towards brand value.

Think about it this way - what hardware does DELL and HP manufacture ? Only monitors. On the other hand ASUS manufactures motherboards, graphic cards and monitors. They have more experience with the core hardware and can provide more services in house. This ends up making them reliable and cost effective.