Astroworld Satanic Ritual Sacrifice - Travis Scott EXPOSED

tick tock, time is ticking

Out of all the 8000 religious sects,only christians see this?

did you even watch the damn video?

Yeah,someone was wearing a cross…you know the one with a dude nailed on it?..that one. Aint christians the one who have a better definition of hell and satan?

Didn’t see anything demonic there. The only thing I’ve seen of note ni mwizi wa kiatu akitandikwa kibare which was commendable.

The stage set up alone cost $5M. This satanism chieth is real

We live in a fallen world, people hate light and prefer darkness. We perish for lack of knowledge, see a person stands in an elevated position with all satanic symbols and he is instructing people to lift up your hands to him ululating, that is idol/satanic worshipping. That becomes a ritual which opens hell for demons to reign. The devil is a liar and he comes to steal and destroy, he does not have a temple but converts such platform to be his temples. Choose whether you will serve god or the world…hakuna cha katikati

What is the cost threshold past which a performance stage becomes satanic? $1m? $2m? $5m?


I am a Christian but I don’t subscribe to sensational conspiracy theories. We have too much evil and wickedness in our lives such that we don’t have to dig into some mysterious signs and rituals.

A confession from a satanist I saw on YouTube said that at first he pretended to be a satanist just to jest the Christians and their God. The more crazy stuff he did the madder his targets became. Mpaka akakua addicted to satanism. He said he doesn’t bilieve either God or Satan exists. His is just a hobby like any other, like playing volleyball!

But you know what? Christians will say that it’s God who makes him mock God! And I say May God’s will be done!

Commissioner amenena ukweli. Satanism or whatever imaginary nemesis you guys fear is right infront of your eyes and you dont need to symbolize it or make altars to make it look satanic. People kill their kin in all ways and manners,countries raid other weak countries and fuck shït up,corrupt officials ‘eating your money’ while men women and children die of hunger or lack of medicine,pedos and those other people walking around…but if a musician puts up light effects and crazy mofos die out of stupidity and you call that satanic,then you sanctimonius wankers really need to re evaluate your thinking of the real evil thats right out of your doorstep