Is it or is it not real?

real, same as Ouija boards

Its real and alive

No it’s a pseudoscience

It feels to me that the astrologists might be onto something there.

Nobody can prove it is right , nobody can prove it is wrong .

But it has been practiced for thousands of years , from an age where scientific proof that we live by today didn’t matter .

Either way , everything has a truth and lie in it .

After all , we may call all the ancients delusional but it’s their civilization that built the science we know today … it took them pots and fires to discover elements of the periodic table , took them sticks and ropes to know the radius of earth , took their eyes to know far planets exist and how they orbit . It took us billions , thousands of manpower , teams of well learned people to prove they were right .

do not beleive them

Stars are real. Why would the study of stars and their effect upon the cosmos be unreal?