Aston villa qualifies for champions League

Waste of space…teams kama hizi na arsenal ndio zimefanya premier league imelose an additional slot. Going to be whipping boys


Unai Emery is a great coach.

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Hehe, mujamaa wa mancheter united yani ukajua I have spent more than 30 seconds searching for your team in the EPL standings unaeza nihurumia vile nimechoka.

I looked in the top 5, no luck. Checked from eleventh to fifteenth place, still nothing. Even peeked at the bottom three - wapi manchester united buana! Mko wapi jameni? Finally, I glanced at the top ten and guess what? Nikawacheki mumekaa kitako behind Chelsea at number eight! Another side that has performed dismally.

Sahi unadai hatufai kuwa kwa champions league kaka…na we were two games away to lifting the coveted cup (UEFA) and two points behind the football frauds.

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Mbona Arsenal Walifukuza this great coach?
Hata when when he was at Seville he performed very well…

Saa hii ameshaawaramba coz ile loss to Aston Filla ya 0-2 ndio imewafanya mpoteze okombe.


Payback is a bitch.

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Champions league is about pedigree…some teams dont belong there. We have seen it with Leads, Newcastle, Blackburn and Leicester before. Would you honestly stay late at night to watch Aston Villa Vs Young Boys? But you would certainly stay up for Real Madrid Vs Olympiakos…or Man U vs Rangers…or Chelsea Vs Leverkusen. Game kama za Aston villa hata UEFA hustruggle kuleta sponsors

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Waaai! Waaai! tafasali msinikumbushe pris, pris…


Toa Arsenal kwa midomo chako wewe blad fakin.

Indeed I concur. I cannot tell the teams that represented the other leagues. I solely focused on the coveted cup…I eargely anticipated Arsenal cruising past Real madrid and Bayern munich. Enyewe this is football. I’m happy na the results so far

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