Assist in hosting an unusual website... guyz ?

Am currently on a project creating several websites cause i know some might be shut down. Like what torrent sites go through.
I need help in finding reliable web hosters. Can you please assist with any host? Been taking a morning stroll through jiji kenya.
Anyone ever tried them? are they reliable? Ahsante!


Kijana, shady websites are only to be hosted on Russian/Bulgarian servers. Swedish, Swiss, Malaysian, and Singaporean servers are also better because they’re fairly neutral, but they might still come under US pressure, so just stick to eastern Europe. Alafu if you’re planning to launch such a website, avoid domains kama .com and .net because the FBI can just seize them whenever they want. Try

U seriously going to Jiji OLX to find a rogue host?? :slight_smile:

just needed a head start and after dialing several numbers on jiji, they claim to offer offshore hosting while themselves are in kenya :oops::oops: ??

Aye Captain, this is a lot of valuable info uv just posted up there. I suspect you also have similar websites up and running :smiley: ?? ive contacted BlueAngel offshore hosts and am just waiting for their reply; their prices posted on their homepage seems fair.

You need a host who blatantly and regularly ignores take-down orders from authorities and assures you alternative domains to keep your website up when worst comes to worst. You might have to visit the darkest corners of the internet to get a suitable one. I hope your aim is not to cause pain and suffering to wananchi

What you are looking for is called bulletproof hosting and I doubt unajua kile unafanya if your first stop was OLX.

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Calm down big brother. How do fresh recruits and rookies in the police force advance their careers and make their way through the ranks? Have you watched the series called Billions? Anyway, my point is, we all in a giant classroom learning through experience. Can I slide into your DM and learn more about Bulletproof hosting? :D:D are you into the business? Bytheway you can market your expertise via hapo jiji and make some cash. Nimepigia hao ‘experts’ who are charging upto 10k for hosting and asked them about bulletproof hosting and it sounded like greek to them.:slight_smile:

Engineer Nyams, kumbe ur tech tentacles stretch to every sector in the industry? mi hudhani uko tu kwa TV, Smartphones and also an audiophile to sum it up…

When considering a host, it’s crucial to prioritize factors like uptime guarantees, customer support quality, and scalability.