Assassins of Haiti President Captured


Killing a sitting head of state is not easy. This must have been an inside job. The level of mistrust among the leaders must be very high.
These guys hawakai kuongea ata wakifinywa.

I can only imagine ile kupipinywa watapipinywa. They are better off dead kuliko the torture wanapata as i write this nikikunywa Kahawa Moto na Ngumu.

The man who sent them is sitting somewhere drinking coffee and croissants. Wewe unakula kangumu:D

One of the assassins is American. Wacha tuone vile kutaenda.

They should start with wife. I heard she ran to USA

typical CIA job working with top people in Haiti government.Train former soldiers/police to form a small SWAT like unit with funds from illegal trade-drugs,weapons, charcoal because congress will not approve such a budget then deploy them to take out rogue personalities who are messing US global interests.In Kenya Recce are trained by CIA to take out Al shaabab and get financing from charcoal trade.

26 of those captured are Colombians, 2 are Haitian-Americans. Tells you this was an inside job.

Wewe afadhali ngo’mbe.

According to my Haitian friends none of the president guards are harmed. This is the insidiest of inside jobs.

not one but two…and they are both Haitian-Americans…

She was injured in the attack and went to US for treatment…How is that running