Asking for a friend

My friend had this chic in campo who dumped him for another guy after she graduated ahead of him (her course did not have the long holiday stuff after a year but my friend had to go on long holiday after every academic year) saying that she could not “roll with schoolboys”. Fast forward to two months ago and this lady appeared at his doorstep with her child asking for his help (her boyfriend had kicked her out and she needed a place to stay for a short while) and my friend being the good guy he is let her stay at his place. Problem is that the lady is still there to date and my friend is tired of this arrangement and wants to kick her out but wants to do so in a ‘humane’ way. How should he go about it?

Tell her “keti pale” and point at a bus-stop

Ni Ujinga utawacha ama upate Slap na sweep!Ukija clinic letra shida zako hapana leta za rafiki… bure kabisa!

humane! That’s for human beings and not for disloyal backstabbing hoes

Amwoe. That’s the true mother Teresa way.

Hi @Njeri.

Kill the kid

KT Anthem.

Is she the one been buying bread in the house?

nunua blue pill tafuna mgombera teremsha na busaa moto, work on her trust me hatangoja mng ifike

kijana ahame bila notice awache singo matha kwa hiyo muoroto.

Was that hoe ‘humane’ akimwita school boy?
Tell your guy to stop being a NONGWE and kick that hoe out. A ‘humane’ way would be to remind her where she came from. Arudi kwa na mizigo zake.

I thought talkers were in for single mothers…ama singo matha ni yule wa village fossil pekee mkambodia

kuna wanaume wapumbavu ,u dump me coz im a schoolboy then come with a child and i host you .Siwezi

Hii maneno ya singo mathas ni noma, mwambie “bitch get the hell outta my house, please”.


Hyo boy ni msoft sana…take action

Forensic science kitu kali sana!

Muambie aende aite hata na sistake na bro wake wakuje waishi na wewe. Hata ule aunty yake aliachwa na bwanake akiwa na watoto watatu malnourished.

Na umuambie pia yeye ni kubaff.

I’d like to believe that was a mistake.