Asking crazy homeowners what they do for a living

Come to think of it, kama ni kenya like 90% of the responses would be “I’m a politician.”
Sadness of life.

How about you @Purple show us your home or just the garden…

Aliweka street address yake hapa na ukiingia Google Street view unaona hood. Nothing fancy

I was not expecting the pristine home to be the property of a stunt driver, such an elegant home

I think she has a reach hubby

They’re movie stars in their own right. They do the dangerous stuff Big Movie Stars dare not attempt.
And they are paid according to how much the movie earns in the Box Office.

Fair pay for a fair day’s work, it is rather risky

Sitakushow yangu but the guys opposite from us wanaishi hapa.

A photograph of your mail box will suffice Zambarua

By my estimates these houses cost upwards of $5 million. You don’t get to live here by doing what the average Joe is doing, you must think outside the box.

This one has a bunch of African Americans and Indians. So inspiring wow

2:36 @Azor Ahai wewe kama mtu wa stocks, unafaa kuishi hivi. [SIZE=1]sic :D[/SIZE]

I would like to see a black man with dreadlocks walk to those homeowners and ask them what do they do for a living?

Wish I had the box in the 1st place

You don’t get rich quick trading your own money (what I do). Those rich traders have investors money and their money. That’s the catch. It might take me a while to reach there trading my own money. He’s probably a portfolio manager with an AUM running into millions of dollars. Meanwhile wacha nikule vumbi dusty suburbs :D:D

How much do they rent for?

Beautiful lawn and i am guessing you could be the only bonobo in that hood.

Since it’s winter time, he’d still be asking, how mu h they pay for heating ?

I see exterior wall casings, custom doors, custom entry. You are a big baller.

All these guys have nothing special over you, the trick is radical self confidence.

$25-30 K a month? I know where this is going…

No you don’t. If that’s the rent, the fair price is in the $5-$6M range.

Madam, you must be a real birrionea :eek:

Huku mansions in the best addresses rent between $2k - 3.5k.