Asia Bibi Vs The Religion of Peace

Hehe, @mayekeke come, tell us more about how tolerant Islam is.

[I]Asia Bibi was convicted of blasphemy by a Pakistani court and was sentenced to death by hanging in 2010. In October 2018, the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted her based on insufficient evidence.

In June 2009, Noreen was accused of blasphemy after an argument with co-workers while harvesting berries.She was subsequently arrested and imprisoned. In November 2010, a Sheikhupura judge sentenced her to death by hanging. The verdict was upheld by Lahore High Court and received worldwide attention. Various petitions for her release were created by organisations aiding persecuted Christians.

She received less sympathy from her neighbors and Islamic religious leaders in the country, some of whom adamantly called for her to be executed. Minorities minister Shahbaz Bhatti and Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer were both assassinated for advocating on her behalf and opposing the blasphemy laws. Noreen’s family went into hiding after receiving death threats, some of which threatened to kill Noreen if released from prison. Muslim cleric Maulana Yousaf Qureshi announced a ₨. 500,000 bounty to anyone who would kill her.[/I]

Remember Farkhunda’s case? Enraged Pakistani Islamist hardliners have been violently protesting Bibi’s acquittal for three days now, baying for her blood. Yaani this is a nuclear armed country, Amadioha have mercy.

Religion of peace through mobbism, terror, murder, execution, bomb-belts, misogyny, bullets, dormitory and mall invasions, IEDS, etc.

how did you become VS… this is intolerant and tasteless… @admin toa hii kiru hapa

First I want to ask, how do you blaspheme? I understand what it is but it is such a amorphous accusation. Ni kama vile akina @Eng’iti huchoma witches huko kwao…

That blasphemy law has been used to kill and imprison very many innocent Pakistanis. Kama mtu ameona umemlemea ata kama ni kwa argument all they need to do is say you disrespected the prophet and your goose is cooked.

Yeah, Pakistan is a real shit hole. It makes India the rape capital look so much saner and better.

The only problem I sees is that of your utter ignorance. You can’t group a whole religion based on the actions of a single country. When Catholic priests open the servers of thousands of children or worse when pastors made their followers drink poison that result in the death of 918 people (318 being children) in the Jonestown massacre, would it be right to say Christianity is a religion of pedophiles and illiterate dumb fucks? Expand your circumference of thought.

I became VS by being cinsistent, frank, original and patient.

Perhaps you could help by explaining what ‘religion of peace’ means, particularly now that we know what the custodians of the holy sites did to Khashoggi.

How did she exactly blaspeme? I’ve not heard of this particular case.

Is the custodian of the holy sites a religion? Stop speaking from an ignorant pedestrian point of view, separate the religion from the action of people’s and cultures.

Wow! Reminds me of Salem witch trials in Massachusetts. It’s scary what a mob of hysterical people can do…

The infamous Salem witch trials began during the spring of 1692, after a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused several local women of witchcraft. As a wave of hysteria spread throughout colonial Massachusetts, a special court convened in Salem to hear the cases; the first convicted witch, Bridget Bishop, was hanged that June. Eighteen others followed Bishop to Salem’s Gallows Hill, while some 150 more men, women and children were accused over the next several months. By September 1692, the hysteria had begun to abate and public opinion turned against the trials. Though the Massachusetts General Court later annulled guilty verdicts against accused witches and granted indemnities to their families, bitterness lingered in the community, and the painful legacy of the Salem witch trials would endure for centuries.

They were picking berries when they started arguing, then she allegedly said something bad about the prophet. As in Farkhunda’s case, I don’t think the lynch mobs were too interested in exactly what they said. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to “debates” between Muslims and Christians and the amazing thing is that Muslims could say all kinds of demeaning things about jesus, lakini wacha tu mkristo aanze sentence na “ata Mohamed wenu ali…” wewewewe!! Unaeza dungwa visu ukufie tu hapo. Not saying that’s what happened though.


You’re the ignorant one son. I took various countries into consideration, including Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Algeria. In Saudi Arabia they don’t even beat about the bush, their constitution is basically derived from the Koran and other Islamic teachings, meaning if you’re not a Muslim, you’ve most likely already broken a series of laws. Not only that, they enforce a very strict Sunni version of Islam, meaning even other Muslims like Shias could be prosecuted using these blasphemy laws. According to the US Library of Congress as at 2017 there were 77 countries which have laws “criminalising blasphemy, defaming religion, harming religious feelings, and similar conduct”. These laws are enforced most actively in majority Muslim countries. Amazingly, while Muslim countries use these laws mainly to persecute non-muslims, other countries like Germany, Canada, Finland and Denmark have used their blasphemy laws mainly to prosecute those who spread hatred against Muslims. You see the fucking difference?

Obviously you don’t know my stand on Christianity. If you think I’m posting “anti-Muslim” threads because I’m a Christian, you’re the one who needs to expand your circumference of thought.

Perfectly summarized!!

Kindly proceed on with your ignorance, may God guide you.

I’ll call you out on this, no Muslim on the face of the Earth would ever say anything demeaning about Jesus (Peace be upon him).

Sawa, if you say so. Lakini kule kule Eastleigh nimepata not once a Muslim "crusade"or whatever you call it. Jamaa ako na biblia na Koran, anafanya comparison side by side. Anasoma Bible verse and then proceeds to trash it thoroughly, kisha anasoma the “better” Koran. Lakini labda wao ni wale waislamu bonoko.

Hio inakuwanga a friendly debate between Christians and Muslims, it’s held every day ukipitia hapo, it’s an eye opener, especially for many Christians.

I knew that this point would come sooner or later. Unable to explain what that ‘peace’ entails, you declare others ignorant.

FOR a generation the Saudi antiquities authority has kept it under wraps. The ruins remain out of bounds behind metal gates and wire fencing. A guard shoos the curious away with threats of arrest. But if independent studies are correct, tucked in the dunes and palms near the eastern oilfields lies a 7th-century monastery, the existence of which suggests that Islam once tolerated church-building in Arabia.

Muhammad bin Salman, the modernising crown prince, has defied clerics by allowing cinemas, open-air pop concerts and even female drivers in his puritanical kingdom. But approving churches for the 1.4m Christians in Saudi Arabia risks breaking one taboo too many. “Elsewhere it’s no problem, but two dins, or religions, have no place in the Arabian peninsula,” says a senior prince, reciting a purported saying of the Prophet Muhammad. Churches were expunged by the first community of Muslims 14 centuries ago, he insists. [/I]

Most Indians, Pakistanis, and Afghans are primitive shits. Who cursed that corner of the world?

Your answer clearly exposed your supposed ignorance, the custodian of the holy sites is not a religion, it’s a person.
As long as ushirikina and polytheism won’t be allowed in Makkah and Madinah(it would never happen in this two towns) they can build all the churches they want in Saudi Arabia.