Asbel Kiprop could have been framed.

Apparently, Asbel Kiprop was chewing his pacesetters’ wife.



The guy seems to have had a tough stance on doping.

How can he chew her and splash it all over the social mefia?

Nafikiri hao majamaa they know what they are doing. I think that lady was not expecting that.

Framed kiaje? Did the stray vagina contain doping agents? Why does he share mpango wa kando pictures on Facebook? Halafu khupipi wa best friend tena. shait! Na huyo Lemiso naye, did he have to take screenshots and rub it in

Framed aje sasa, I saw him carry his mouth to the lady’s mouth. Msiba wa kujitakia.

Pesa, pombe, na wanawake…

Rumors has it that Rudisha is also facing dome issues.

Adding banned supplements to the athlete’s food by one of the affected parties.

Maybe the pace maker did the framing as a way to revenge. It’s easy, patia Kiprop juice, water, or tea laced with dope. Then call anti-doping agency and tell them unashuku jama.

Plausible. Maybe the husband came to know of the affair and hit him where it hurts most. I read somewhere he wrecked an X5 before buying this G3 subaru Imprezza sababu ya ulevi

Za David ni history.

Hekaya complete ya kiprop asbel ama link

Its a random comment on FB. May be true or a fart in the wind


Ingia huku ~> Redirecting...

The wife and the other woman during happier younger days

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Huyo pace setter did well.

Ujinga + Ushamba + Pesa Mingi ni combination mbaya sana

The sooner we accept kudinyania mabibi Maasai style the better ndio tusicatch na kurevenge.

Kuna talker husema people must fuck and fuck a lot. It’s true.

Bora tujifunze kujikinga.

Najua haihappen in the near future :smiley:

Ungependa wajicombine aje? #jealouspeopleproverbs

Sasa kunguru gani hii ndume zinahangaishania ? Na hio pesa yoooote…enyewe beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

In America black athletes such as Mike Tyson and tiger woods are afflicted and eventually brought down by what Dubois referred to as the negro syndrome…in kenya our talented brothers and sisters, who all seem to come from humble backgrounds, are being consumed by their deprived backgrounds…a past of lack…it’s worse in uneducated but talented youngsters from a certain region who get sudden wealth and fame…they simply don’t know how to handle it.