Asanteni sana villagers.

Kama si ktalk sijui ningekuwa wapi! You guys make my leisure time slide so effortlessly. Before I stumbled upon this kijiji I was an FB guy. But FB nowadays is so full of immature users and numerous restrictions and regulations by the gay owner and other perverts. You can’t sneer upon gays or black bonobos without being sent to Siberia for 30 days. Asanteni sana NVs, SVs, Elders, Sponsors and other guys with senior titles like yours truly. Asanteni all the administration not forgetting @Purple , @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD , my village buddy @Electronics4u na @administrator . Nyasaye awabariki sana. Let’s keep ktalk great.

I hear you are a birionare, chinjia wana kijiji kambuzi ama upeleke Hizo sentiments zako huukooo.

I will organise for a mbuzi and drinks one of them fine days

Congratulation radi

Tuma kibuyu ya busaa hapa Niko msoto mbaya

Why do you wanna hate on gays though? Kwani they want to fuck you ama

Msoto inamaanisha MPesa imebakisha 70k only ama

Facebook is a shithole… currently serving a 30days ban for saying a nduthi guy who raped a minor should be lynched.

How can you praise childish chokosh posts from Berlin in Kibra.

Something like 500k


I have a long way to go, but am coming.

Panyaste ama?

Do you love them?


You will get there don’t worry bruh

I love everyone.

If I ever get there, al teach you how to enjoy money. Nitakupea huyu asian for free. [ATTACH=full]369482[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]369482[/ATTACH]

Mlete SAA hii

Am sure that is not deep down from your heart…Mluyha na wivu ni kitu.moja

For now no.