Asanteni sana Uhuru, Ruto na Jubilee. Mungu awabariki.


There’s no way out of that debt hole except declaring bankruptcy. At this point GOK should not even bother paying because they will be throwing away good money.

This is a good thing… We are about to be re- colonized…

Things might start working eventually

Thats double disaster. The shilling will crush. I am not sure how those debts are structured? In dollars or shillings. Either way the monthly repayments will go up proportional to the devalued currency. If the shilling goes to 150, all over a sudden your payments are times 1.5.
Its best they keep denying.

I don’t think debt repayment is a sustainable option for Kenya. They are borrowing Peter to pay Paul. If they continue paying it means many other issues will be neglected; you start to question whether the possibility of currency downgrading will be worse than 10+ years of sharply reduced government expenditure.


Absconding repayment will be a disaster. Now you will really crash the economy. Already, the government cannot meet payroll, They have to borrow to pay that. If they skip payments, their ability to borrow vanishes. We will become like Congo where theres employees who havent received a paycheck in 10 years.

Kenya could be way ahead without greedy parasitic Kikuyus and kalenjins

Uhuru sio mubaya. Ware wanasema mbeca imekurwoo dio wabaya. Kenya ne naba moja Africa machariki

NIS ni meffi sana,hawana unit ya economics wacheze kama wao before some of this exploitative deals are sign.

in other news some time back chief colonialist xi jinping alisema he is restructuring debt only for important african nations,they are negotiating with ethiopia now.

i gave up kitambo on this shithole kenya nikipata kaunga na skuma am ready to move on

Wacha economy ianguke . we attach kenyattas,moi,odingas and the elite property. Hapo kila Mtu anakuwa maskini.

Venye wakenya uabudu pesa na cheo theyd not let you get anywhere close to Kenyatta or Moi’s wealth.

You have too much faith in Kenyans. These cowards will eat dogs before they lift up a finger to thieving elites. We worship the rich and aspire to be like them one day so they can’t do no wrong. Tembea huko ma vijiji ujionee vile the hoi polloi defend the rich even with their lives. The rich can’t do no wrong. The British really did a number on us… Hii trauma ya ubeberu will take centuries to erase