As you celebrate your gods...

The loudest UOTP and RWNEBPORK are really les miserables.

Poor folks, or those who shop on a budget

The rest of us continue gaining pace, interacting with each other, cutting deals, regardless of tribe…

People are poor for lack of reasoning… mediocrity makes people poor…

Mko kenya mkitukanana na kuuana; wengine tutarudi huko mkigrow up…

In the meantime, the early morning Brazaville sun eases through the sky…

@Mathaais you are poor for being mediocre

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@Bingwa, you are absolutely right, REGARDLESS of what teams RWNBP or OUTP say.

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And where exactly and when and how and why do you get this idea that am poor?

If you are a king and you are forced to

if you are a king and you are forced to say ‘am the king’ then you ain’t a king


politics survives because it distracts poor people from the fact that they are poor by putting blame on someone else… in rich countries politics is a side show not very important but a country where atleast 60% live hand to mouth politics thrives

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I always put up comments here that am going out to hustle whether it’s a holiday or not?
Has anyone ever seen me post about government contracts and unpaid invoices?

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Niggas from kibra thinks that when rao is on the sitting he will bring them free unga and maziwa everyday. If he’s a true leader he should be in the frontline of the battle sio kuchocha watu anarudi kwake lavington . Kenya ni ya maskini na tajiri kakinuka rao and UK will lift their families adi majuu sisi tubaki apa tukiuawana kama madogi. So Sad kukosa kongocity

Ouru, unaona ile paale io ndo tunaita Sipoto

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Kuja nikupatie nyonyo utulie


How can I get from Kenyan coast to Oman via ship?