As soon as Ruto announces candidature officially and becomes civilian, ICC will pounce on him!!!

They cannot stop anything! If they could, Kibaki would not have become president, yet remember they had the incumbency. This time, RAILA AMETOSHA! Wakale can aptly go back to what they know best; farming n athletics cz the ICC has the chief architect of tribal cleansing in a stranglehold. Gerrit?

You are very uninformed…for those who think that you’ll hold the forthcoming election under the current constitution, you are delusional. Then realignments zitawashtua! Mliambiwa game changa na Sugoi ameanza kuhema!

I know some Kalejing*** feel like shooting me but I care less! Ukweli lazima usemwe! Your tribal leader is a thug!

These are just theories… may be your THEORY is correct… let us review this in March… And I wonder why you did not read my comment… Ruto has no chance to become our prezzo… I am discussing the 5th who is Baba… and what his supporters could have planned… BBI is part of the game…

I concur.

Ruto and Hushpuppie are cut from the same cloth…If you know you know! Ni hayo tu kwa leo…off for Sunday service to pray for some hapless Kenyans!

He has no chance now… he squandered his chances in 2013… that’s all!

All that is far much better than a spineless thug, murderer and total fool.

Yaani I single handedly make all the paid bloggers of the super thief Alibaba and his 40 minions, tremble in their skins. Wameanguka hapa na all their multiple handles! Sahii ni kaende kaende. I will bombard you with more than enough facts on why all what you, and your murderer of a boss, are doing is all futile!

Sema tu we ni mtu wa vitendawili na uwache makasiriko mingi. Hakuna penye Ruto anaenda. That’s just a fantasy ya Ojinga’s fanboys. Through pattern Raila has proven that he’ll never be da prezida of any nation. He’s becoming too old probably has dementia. Amekua Joe bidden kazi ni kunyamba nyamba na kulala ata in the middle of speech…Musheeeenzi kabisa.

@SatEnthusiast usitishwe na watu huyo mgondi lazima alalie simit pale hague.

Ruto akiingia ndani aanze kuplea bargain atoe evidence ya Raila na Uhuru itakuwa aje?
Atwoli: “Are we safe!”

Most people hapa wako na myopic wet dreams za poltricks. Wakiambiwa there are no permanent enemies in politics hapana tambua.

Hawa watu wako pamoja except Miguna

In 2013 both Uhuru and Ruto were in hot water and they still pushed for power. As long as bado kesi inaendelea the guy is free to try and overturn his fortunes. He will attend one or two hearings just like Uhuru

As a coasterian, i can say that there is real voter apathy over here. I don’t think it is as a result of him not being with oka. But more to do with him selling out. People are not really charged up for him kama zamani.

I could be wrong.

i was very saddened vile Ruto orchestrated the butchering of kikuyus in the Rift valley in 2007

@Azor Ahai @ranny @Electronics4u @Thirimaii @sani @Circledot @Thirimaii @Motokubwa poleni sanaa kwa hayo

@uwesmake what is your position on those who lost their lives under similar circumstances in the coast region during the same period?

Are you also saddened by the those killed by Mungiki especially your shemeji Jaruos?? I can smell bullshiett from a mile away and your comment is a disingenuous dig at my community. Ghasia.

ICC is too expedient to try that.

I can foresee some suicides next year. Unless you are a paid blogger you simply cant be this stupid

My chest:D:D