As soon as Ruto announces candidature officially and becomes civilian, ICC will pounce on him!!!

Lawyer Gicheru plea-bargained. Jambazi Sugu Kutoka Sugoi (JSKS) is effectively an international fugitive. As soon as he announces candidature officially and becomes a civilian, ICC will issue an arrest warrant and have him arrested by Interpol. That is why they are fighting Kinoti tooth and nail, but they will fail. Raila is the 5th President. Hao wengine ni Cerelac and noisemakers. WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO WILL NOT BE IN THE BALLOT

if raila and uhuru dont get the same treatment then there is no impartiality

@SatEnthusiast unamaanisha Raila anaweza kuwa president tu kama Ruto ako jela? Kumaanisha Ruto akiwa free baba hawezi pata kitu? Enyewe no person is too powerful for Arror.

Why is this sounding like Atwoli’s fart?

Whether he’s free or not, presidency ni ya baba! The jailing part is just cold revenge for butchering Kikuyus…we neither forgive nor forget the killing of our own.

Because Atwoli’s fart is more factual than the devil’s wheelbarrows! Atwoli tells Kenyans the truth. WSR will not be in the ballot.

Uhuru bows down before Gideon Moi, a Kalenjin, mnaweza ongea mbele ya watu kweli?

You’d better wake up. Currently, Ruto ndio target ya ICC and that’s why his lawyer who he used to bribe, threaten and kill, is on ICC’s watchlist. He plea-bargained effectively throwing his evil boss under the bus. Hiyo post ya DP ndio lifeline yake. Otherwise he’s toast!

Hehehe…naona tufeelings tumeanza kukupata after nimetoboa siri. Your thug boss is an international fugitive mpende msipende!

Hii ata Museveni ama Chebukati hawawezi msaidia. Neither can pocketfuls of cash. He’s on his own.

Learn to love being independent by making domestic driven decisions, irrespective of who stares. Our sovereign will is the reason Uhuru & Ruto walk free. Nothing will breach that fortress more so if it’s advised by an outside jurisdiction.

Tell that to Lawyer Gicheru who has plea-bargained! Do you think it was a coincidence for Kinoti to rise to the top echelons of Interpol? Tafakari hayo. When you push a wall, the wall will push back! You must be delusional to even entertain the thought that sovereignty played a part in his freedom. Cover ups! Cover ups! Cover ups! Sadly, JSKS did it poorly and stoked the very fire that had helped him in doing it. Sasa shida ni kwake. Nimesema hii ata Museveni ama Chebukati hawezi msaidia! Mind you, Uhuru was acquitted, Ruto was not. Research kwanza!

Why can they just arrest him now?

He’s holding a national office. Wataifanya akideclare candidacy officially (and to do that he has to relinquish his post as DP). Teren… teren…

We can never have an international fugitive for a president. Wacha aende aishi Uganda with his like minded leaders.

Sounds plausible now that I’ve googled the names involved.

kalejingas will make this country ungovernable. machozi chusdei itakuwa kama childsplay.

If you are a genuine supporter of RAO, you know that he will be MADE the 5th… Now you should be worried about what those who will MAKE him prezzo have in mind… watch the BBI and the person he will be FORCED to take as DP… If it is GM… Baba will be 77 next year and GM will be 59…then Asalaam Aleykum… Aleykum… Good day! it is Jamhuri Day!

Too much noise, else this guy could be arrested 10 years ago .

And by the way conman raila won’t get his numbers in western, coast and ukambani regions. Voter apathy is real courtesy of a failed OKA marriage.

The only problem is that all those OKA fellows will support GM, selling their people to Baba and GM… The OKA fellows are ass-lickers, 100% spineless…