As soon as a woman senses that you value her...

…or the relationship more than she does, her search for your replacement begins. You put her up on a pedestal she has no other choice but to look down at you. Ama vipi @Freyja

Ukiachwa achika, hapana geuka philosopher.


Ctrl+s. Ctrl +v


philosopher tunatambua ni Icarus na uncle yake Daedelus wenye walivaa mabawa ya kuku waka fly mpaka waka land kwa sun


meffi stuff

ebu leta hekaya ya bukusu vile alikuonyesha vumbi ukaingia cendro

Notice the slight difference?

You can put your woman on a pedestal, give her the world but first make sure you own the goddamn universe.

Mnanunulia wanawake wig ya mia moja alafu mnakam hapa kuwa philosphers ati mmewaweka kwa pedestal.

My friend, wether you are as masculine as Samson or as feminine as a gaay man, kama mwanamke ameamua kukuacha atakuacha tu. Ata ufanye nini.

Ghassiah hii story tulifundishwa high pale high school AQ na yule auntie wako akiwa Teaching practice tulikua tunamnyandua kwa store ndani ya Laibu tukijifanya tunamsaidia kutafta setbooks zimepotea at 7pm bladifakin.

this can’t be said better. one started my replacement, I replaced her too, and now she can calm down. she claims my replacement was not good enough she wants me back. am enjoying her whims, chewing popcons

Men must be occupied by the grind… productive activities that wear you out after the day… you’ll hardly waste time on some petty female whims… akikuletea upuss kula mizoga huku nje… oneitis itaisha and move on bila kasheshe mingi

you are wrong, a woman is the keeper of the hearth and you have no idea how difficult work they sometimes do around the house. Women’s whims are an attempt to draw attention to her.

all a woman needs to keep chasing you is to know that you have options, and possibly even superior to her.

Best burn down that side show of a throne - then, if she wants a place at the throne she’d be free to grovel at best.