As Raila die hard supporter let's face this reality Ruto retired Raila political ambitions for good..

Baba has been deflated completely politically though sad but it’s red pill reality inauma lakini itabidi tuzoee…,
,See his recent maandamano antics is not working, his now dalliance with the saw called pastor Ezekiel will also not work.
Desperate times call for desperate measures and baba is stopping at nothing to regain his former political glory…
Sad but true,there is no one else like baba in the world but,who said life is fair, life has never been fair at all…ask any born again Christian, they will say we living in a fallen world which needs us to have zero expectations of fairness and justice except in the world to come…I don’t see if pastor Ezekiel followers a sizeable number from Mt Kenya feel Baba’s vibe…
Mmmmmmh let’s see this from a spiritual angel. Maybe the problem is not IEBC but ogingas bitter words towards the son, we are witnessing his sunset years still struggling to clinch the presidency and the father said he will never be,don’t throw stone at me, I just quoted jaramogi oginga Odinga…

Baba should accept the bitter hard cold fact that if he didnot make it with the so called system backing him. It will nefer nefer happen.
He should now relax in Bondo and enjoy his life in peace bila mambo mengi.
If it was not meant to be it will never be

Truer threads were never penned. Baba should call it a day, the sun is setting on the enigma. The Luos will take long to produce another charismatic leader like Jakom.

Raila is living his political dream…he has for the last 45years

Raila is fighting for his family and his empire, not for you and I. In this country, if you’re left out in the political cold, a lot of things won’t work for you and avenues of enriching yourself get closed off. That’s why you see these people struggling to stay in office at all costs, even if it’s being a nominated MP or CAS or the chair of some parastatal board. They don’t want the gravy train to leave them behind.

Politics rarely revolves around one person. In a few years time, there will definitely be realignments zenye ni lazima zifanyike for the sake of a better future for our country. Luo Nyanza wanaeza amua kuform nchi Yao soon. They are very brave na wanakuanga na msimamo Kali. I pity Western and Rift Valley in the coming years.

Msimamo mkali or they fall under the armpit of cultism…following one person for 40 years or so is that you call msimamo? While Kalenjin and Kikuyu have experienced change of leadership over the years Luos have been following one person all the time and they don’t seem they will stop anytime soon.

Wishful thinking.

To the fools abusing the Rao guy , has your father been in TV screen for day unless ameua mamako or done something very evil?