As an African child Growing up in Africa

As an African child Growing up in Africa

  1. At what age did you learn that Caucasians (white people) were superior to Africans ?
  2. At what age did you learn that Caucasians (white people) should be respected and given preferential treatment the way you would your own father ?
  3. What role do you think the local TV content/news and foreign movies you watched while growing up, played in making you the kind of “compliant African” the former colonizer set out to create in "independent " African countries

Ni hayo to kwa sasa


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How old are you? Most of us have grown up with social media.

Whatever media type you grew up with

Get this through your thick skull bonobo, there is a natural order to this world and hierarchies exist for a reason. WPWW

Nice observation

Do you have answers to these questions?

Oh jesus

At 30 years of age I realized that anything has a price tag. Even though a mzungu will hate you at heart, he/she will have to publicly respect you if you are rich enough/brilliant enough. Field Cases: Barack Obama, Motsepe, African Presidents.

You just need to step onto the backs of your already bent fellow Africans to get there.

My answers are currently as follows:

Sisi wote na baba/mama zetu have been educated and socialized and conditioned in a way that the former colonizers thought would best suit their purposes (extraction/exploitation).

They decided what will be included/excluded in the nyeuthi education system to produce a usable compliant Caucasian respecting/worshipping nyeuthi…which has worked exactly as intended.

E.g the things the former colonialists wanted excluded in the nyeuthi education system are still excluded till today…hadi kwa CBC.

Very interesting observation
It brings up the question… Does a muzungu have to be rich/brilliant to get respected by a nyeuthi…si that respect for muzungu is there by default since age 3 or 4