As Amargeddon Creeps on Us, Tukufe Pole Pole................

For the longest time, as you all know, I have warned that our unsustainable population growth will lead us off the cliff. This warning has been met with derision by some of you, but I think the signs are now all there for all of you to see.

In just Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya, more than 20 million are facing starvation. 20 MILLION!

Back in 1980, the population of S. Sudan was 5 million. The population of Kenya was 16 million. And the population of Ethiopia was 35 million. Total? 56 million.

Today, the population of S. Sudan is 14 million. That of Kenya is 50 million and that of Ethiopia is 100 million. Total? 165 MILLION!

I won’t even talk about the ungoverned space called Somalia.

In all three countries, ethnic conflicts over resources and water are breaking out at dizzying speeds. In Kenya alone clan clashes have this year erupted in N. Eastern, North Rift and are even creeping near the capital - Kitui/Kikuyu border. Ethiopia is currently under emergency, with the majority Oromos saying they cannot give up more of their land and resources. Let’s not even talk about S.Sudan.

In this downward spiral to utter chaos and disintegration of states, I have watched with disbelieve as some of you have tried to blame Uhuruto for the current drought.

The fact is, the drought is as a result of global warming, what is essentially a correction mechanism by nature of Man’s folly - over-consumption of resources in the North, and over-population in the South. The fact that the phenomenon will affect us more than the richer north is neither here nor there. We are our own worst enemies.

Once again, we who procreate like rats, expect the tucucus and tugukas who attended Bob Geldof’s Band Aid Concert in 1984 to once again dip their hands in the pocket to help feed our uncountable brats. It is as if the ‘serikali saidia’ has gone global.

I for one will not do anything of the kind, and would urge all who care for humanity to let nature take its course.

We urgently need a correction.

Having an argument focus on a growing population the result for starvation is weak, just get a little bit tempted to look at the west, starting with our very own Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa has its own greater problems which is not food, look at the US and a country like China, they can feed themselves albeit the latter having a population of 1billion and a country smaller than…us. Our own undoing is politics with no substance, rather than the one on development. We have enough resources to even feed our poor, I know u are tempted to talk about the harsh conditions and rain fed agriculture but take a look at a country like Israel, let me not even go there.

kenya is bigger than china?

Just you wait for the rains to come. Flash floods , untethered by the threadbare ground devoid of any vegetation, will cause unimaginable havoc. Any animal that may have survived the drought will succumb. The herders in north rift and NeP will escalate the already dire situation by raiding fellow herders hoping to capture some animals. And the cycle of death will reach full cycle. Death will be the sober escape. Water rationing in cities will follow, then power rationing closely followed by sky high groceries. The Neanderthal we are will have come full cycle. Wangari Maathai where art thou

He meant the US of A , pardon him bro

That is just what I said

Listen to yourself, can’t you even get it right?

Hata mimi bado nimekwama hapo

let me watch polar bears and wonder what will happen when the snow melts…

This is the challenge some of us have when we raise these issues. Utapata jamaa ako na masters and he can insist Kenya is bigger than China - even when the error is pointed out to him.

Sasa what do you do, seriously?

Nimeskia leo half of the world’s penguins zita-dedi. Hii global warming is an extinction event…

Today at 04:00 am whilst listening to BBC , I heard that the penguins elsewhere are relocating

What is the other side of population growth ? Drought has been there since time in memorial and no country is immune to it.
The difference though, is in management .

The earth is flat

A German once sat me down and told me pointblank in heavy German accent where our problem lies. We spend 85% of our lives looking for food while they (whites), although there was a time they were in the same doldrums, invented machines and methods of maximising production that 80% of their population switched to industrialization. That is why we African get bamboozled whenever we spot an Audi car, forgetting for a moment the pangs coming out of our tummies. I bought him another beer and he looked at me like the clown that i was. Oktoberfest

I don’t know how many times am gonna answer this, BUT A BIG POPULATION IS NOT NECESSARILY A BAD THING. The problem is [SIZE=6]RATE OF GROWTH[/SIZE]…

I think the best thing is to focus on the issue at hand rather than the difference in size of countries, my bad.

The problem with humans is that we have eyes but we do not see, ears but we do not listen. Maybe its how were designed. After we kill each other over natural resources, I don’t know what the new earth will look like. Will elephant and lions be extinct?

watoi wanakuja na sahani yao my target is 30 niko 7 saa hii DNA confirmed

@GUKA we also need to look for ways to sink boreholes for irrigation systems.Though I understand global warming is no respecter.
But still we don’t have young youths to work in the fields even when water is available. Kulima si mchezo.