Artificially Induced Rainfall in Dubai and Why Africa Should be Worried

''Scientists created rainstorms by launching drones, which then zapped clouds with electricity, the Independent reports. Jolting droplets in the clouds can cause them to clump together, researchers found. The larger raindrops that result then fall to the ground, instead of evaporating midair — which is often the fate of smaller droplets in the UAE, where temperatures are hot and the clouds are high.” The independent

Wouldn’t this end up in surrounding areas having a worse drought? As in those clouds were going to rain somewhere, and that other place isn’t going to get the water now? Just like how dams has a huge impact on the areas downstream.
Can this be the reason why Germany and China had the worst rainfall in centuries recently?
Personally i believe that soon just like economic sanctions this method will be weaponized and use by the elite to make nations submit to their wills. I am afraid it is game over for humanity. Dark days ahead.

Since most of the earth is covered by oceans, a lot of rain goes to the oceans. If there is a way of making the clouds become rain while still on land could be a great way of avoiding droughts. Plus most big economies moved away from agriculture a long time ago so there is no need to be too worried.

The weather system is very fragile, messing with the smallest things can throw the eco balance off and create more problems.

Dropping rain where it doesn’t naturally rain takes away rain from where it’s needed and creates droughts just like how Egypt will suffer if Ethiopia decides to build several dams on the Nile or how there is currently insane floods in Germany and China

In the future this technology will be use to cause draught and flooding to enemies since not everyone will have this technology

This unpredictability is what makes this technology dangerous. UAE may use the technology to create rain for one year only for it to damage the UAE eco system which may force them to stop.

Yea and with global warming and high temperature all over,and people turning away from agriculture, this method will be the only option available soon

Aki huna akili. The Earth’s surface is 71% water. Figure out the rest for yourself

Kazi ni kutapika makamasi ,soma hii report why there is increase in flooding in china and Germany recently ghaseer



How is that even mildly relevant to the garbage you just wrote. Climate change and weather modification are two different things

Isn’t climate a cumulative result of weather over a long period of time?

Moved away from agriculture how? What do they eat?


India, UAE, China, U.S…all these countries have since 1980s created artificial rain. Ni Leo umejua?

Do you even understand what the article is about?
The biggest challenge with artificial rain is pollution, depending on catalysts used in seeding.

Boss first, this technology will extract moisture from the atmosphere, that will then not fall else where. That water is not magically created.Displacing energy that Nature had planned for another location.
Which will lead to water right disputes. It used to be the water in rivers crossing borders that were disputed, but soon it will be water in the atmosphere.

Second, no one know the effect it could have on weather system if it is done on large scale
Yea It has been done for decades with a different method albeit not on large scale but this method being used in UAE is brand new. This is the first real life test.


Agriculture as a percentage of economy is low so if it became unsustainable they can just pivot to crops that suit the new climate and import the rest.

Import from whom. The industrialised countries are the ones that feed themselves and a significant part of the rest of the world.

Exactly but they don’t all plant the same crops. Countries specialize in crops that fit their climate. When climate change occurs there will be areas affected positively and negatively. For example if farming of certain crops becomes too difficult in USA and conditions in Canada become warmer they will just shift. So when the location of this farming shifts the USA will import that crop they used to grow from Canada.