Artificial virginity

There is this chick I had penetrated last Dec,a total mutaro.kucum in her was very very difficult. There was literally minimal friction. To cum I had to create imaginary scenarios ranging from past awesome penetrations, future target as well as calculations of trajectory projections to atleast hit the vagina wall in every 5 thrusts.I rarely achieved that but in the long run I managed to cum in some imaginary exotic pussy as they were being displayed for king mswati to inspect.He missed me on top of it just in seconds.

You can imagine my shock today when she passed by my place nikakagua vitu.she was as tight as a virgin.Just like i likes it.I think she even felt pain as I penetrated her!I was very sober and under no substance abuse.What could have happened in three months to turn that flabby,extensive cumer to this awesome onform pussy?What is this phenomenon! I came to agree that don’t judge a kenyan pussy from the past,many things changes in btw…just like weather and inflation.Still wondering…



jokes on you… it was you who had a small dick all along


You used the wrong hole:mad:


Ice cubes brother, ice cubes!!

Haha!No way!I don’t boast of the largest dick around but am within the fine ones for convectional sex.Further more the size hasn’t increased yet but only the experience.It can only be the cumer

a diagram might help…

Unasema nini wewe?

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Shake this head

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Ati @Ice_Cube alifanya nini?
Nowornder madem keep liking hata non-funny posts zake



sasa huu ndio upussy proper…

The wrong hole you hiut I am thinking this time round… Ninth wonder of the world could it be?


Out of vast experience and handled down knowledge I can hit the right hole perfectly blindfolded. Or upside down.

bad manners bill cosby

Not a grammar nazi but hapa osungu imeumia kivako

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Heard this romour that if a chick takes serious pepper consecutively in her meals them you hit the nunu something like that might be possible.

Have been there. One day after three rounds can’t urinate in public ciz of the small man is painful, another day its airing the small man in the sun is more enjoyful than beingnon top of her.

I can’t complain, Cost of ufisihood.
who can’t ear carcases can’t brag to be a meat eater.

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Your algorithm was all wrong