Art of keeping your cool

So for a thousand time, I have come to a conclusion that if you want to live a fulfilling life, then you gotta do away with some shit. Here are my top 10 I have been struggling to abide by:D

  • Talk less, listen more
  • Don’t worry too much, we tend to think a lot about the future, and end up forgetting we gotta enjoy the now moments.
  • Don’t be a social media addict. Try doing with a mulika mwizi for a week, the resulting peace of mind and serenity is gratifying. Mulika mwizi is a good tech cleanse, a fast.
  • Take everyday as a learning day, strive to learn something new, know more, try cooking new recipes, learning programming stuff practically
  • Exercise should be part of your routine, this is self explanatory
  • Make advances on that crush you have been eyeing in your hood for long. However, move with an open minded approach, results can either go your way or otherwise, but either way, you will be done with that feeling that has been bugging you for long…
  • Be a positive thinker. Learn to see good in things.
  • Widen your social circle, but as you do this, be guided by point number one in your adventure.
  • Have enough sleep
  • Walk to a window, look outside, and take a single deep breath.
  • Lastly, learn to mind your own business and just be yourself

Kwani unagonga 50 this year? You sound like an elder.

Hii kitu siku hizi iko kwa advise ya 98% of folks. Mbona ?

Remove the “crush” and “be yourself” part of this thing.

Inakufungua akili, keeping your mind focused and kinda constructively busy thence obliviously evading unnecessary shit

:D:D. Mimi badooo. I am just in the deep state of sober reflection, asking myself why I am alive

Kojoa ulale, advice huwa haziwork UNLESS mtu achange kivyake

Does kenyatalk count as social media???:confused::confused:

You are wise

My good friend, how are? Rusha hekaya omwami

Throat went dry omwami…but ita come

Learn to be stoic…know that no human being can be 100% loyal to you, love you or act in a way that pleases you …maintain your cool in every situation and only react when it’s a matter of life or death or your self wellbeing…

Wise advice with the exception for the last one, some of us are paid to mind others businesses.

Uongo, I see you pretty well huko kwa wazee. Ingawa huko kwa nyumba ya wazee kulikua very boring nkajitoa

It’s been 6yrs on this platform. I prefer at times to look and say less. The remaining hekayas will tell grandkids

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Stoiscm mambo yote, be charming as a Japanese geisha and as vicious as GSU officer. Let the situation dictate terms if need be, otherwise a suave demeanor and a command of emotions will suffice.

-Kenyans need to TALK and ACT more (Kwa ground ni difference)

Maybe it’s an ukoloni thing or an East Africa thing but Kenyans tend to be very meek…and they believe this is a virtue. Meanwhile the world rewards the brashness of west africans, Americans etc. If I could add anything at least for the younger generation is to be CONFIDENT and ASSERTIVE. Kenyans should be comfortable occupying space and having their own opinions…si hi maneno ya yes sir na kuangalia chini

By the way how is that ghetto? Niliona watu wamejifanya mature sana wakahama.