Arshad Sharif: deadly earthquake expected in Pakistan


Curry munching bonobos zimalizane. Pakistan has always been a ticking time bomb, they just look for excuses to kill each other.

This time millions will die

i hope they will not try to make a ‘statement’ on kenyan soil

Our D material did not know their target was highly regarded in his country. sad

Who knows?!

wewe ni jingga sana. Jinga ya mwisho. this journo was pro putain of russia. Don’t u know your allies and foes

compare his death to that of Khashoggi. No noise from Washington jus crickets

Doesn’t change what I said about shithole Pakistan. Mushienzi.

If Msando, the man on whose shoulders the success of the electoral IT system lay can be killed days to election, what can’t they do?

Nyeuthi huko Pakistan wanafaa kuwa wametorokea India ama neighbouring countries. Since those curry can’t differentiate Kenya with Africa. As long wewe ni negroid watasema wewe ni Kenya. Stone you to death while chanting allahu wakbarrrr chieth.