arsenal's read....matusi na vitisho gladly welcomed

I wrote this report having not watched the game, but then I rewatched and I didn’t need to change much.
Or, you’re in the pragmatist group that points to the fact we now have less games, and that’s a good thing all things considered.
Here are my thoughts.
It’s usually this point of the year we’re playing averagely and fans harp on about how many compeitions we’re in… then it all goes to shite. We drop out of the League Cup, fall to 4th in the league and finish 2nd in our CL group. All these things are happening again, so I can understand why the fans are in a, ‘we’ve been here before’ rut right now.
The League Cup is for the also-rans
Yep, it is. Put your, ‘but we should aim to win everything’ cap back in the box. We’re already at a massive disadvantage to Liverpool and Chelsea because of our CL commitments, the last thing we need is a whole bunch of additional games. The League Cup is about testing the strength of your backup players. It’s about injecting some freshness into bored legs. It’s about hoping you’ll see players fight hard for you.
Onto my next point…
I think the biggest beef Arsenal fans have here is that the players Wenger put out didn’t seem to want it that badly. It was almost an imposition on some players. Funny enough, players not fancying Southampton was a massive last year when certain players took offence at being sent to St Mary’s over Christmas. Same thing last night, except it was the indignity of playing the League Cup with the kids.
Huge anger directed towards Aaron Ramsey. In his defence, I don’t think #10 is his position and I think that he probably knows it’s a bit like Theo being given a bone as a lone striker. I mean, give him a run in the side, but don’t play him in a role that should be reserved for Iwobi when Ozil is absent. That’s car crash to start with.
Still can’t defend him against having a bad attitude on the pitch. But, like Jack Wilshere, you can sense the tension Rambo has with the manager. Always played out of position, which affects how fans judge performance, which affects how he performs. However, under Pep G, or any other of the new breed of managers, if you don’t play like there’s a gun to your head when you’re a pro, you need to be spanked with a wet stick and made to train in the river for 2 weeks.
Wenger isn’t the best at getting the most out of his players. He’s no Conte or Klopp, and that’s been an issue for years. Is it the makeup of his players? Is it the way he instructs? I don’t know, but it’s an issue. Fans should never leave a ground feeling like the players mailed it in. They did last night.
Set up
It’s hard to fathom why Wenger does the things he does. At home, against Southampton, why is he opting for Coquelin and Elneney (who had the shits?)? Coquelin plays well with only one player and that’s Santi. But why are we opting for such a dull midfield? Do we not have a super star in reserve we can play next to one of those two who could inject a bit of life into the game? Wenger really doesn’t think much when it comes to what exactly he’s setting up. I’d have dropped Iwobi into 10, Ramsey into 8 and played him next to Coq (or a fit Elneney), then stuck someone fast in Iwobi’s place. Some say that Ramsey prefers to play as a 10, my view is he’s not really suited to that role at Arsenal level, nor does he have any chance over the next 3 years in making that position his. So why not stick him in a position he can own?
Things to learn from Southampton
They have a production line of kids to die for. How do they do it? Are we anywhere near that level after investing heavily in our kids? Someone needs to take that blueprint and work out how we can replicate it. OR HIRE THEIR LEADER.
Also another point I bang on about all the time is rotation and how it can benefit the squad physically and mentally. Puel has used an unreal amount of players this season and it clearly pays dividends. Good form in all 3 competitions they’re in and a set of players all ready to hit the ground running when called upon.
Compared to our backup team? Night and day blud…
The season either slips into the same old, or it takes a turn for the better. We’ll see what happens at West Ham at the weekend. A massive game, especially after an embarrassing loss at home. Let’s pray the rested 11 put in a performance and let’s pray Wenger doesn’t panic and put Coquelin straight back in the midfield as an insurance policy.
Onwards and hopefully upwards!

You are a closet Arsenal fan, aren’t you?

hehe …i love football too much

I am enjoying watching Manutd fans defend Mourinho, For about a decade, Manutd fans accused Chelsea of playing boring defensive football and that Mourinho was a cunt for his comments and taunting the opposition. They also accused Mourinho of buying very old over priced players like akina Anelka, Alex and Shevchenko. Now I am watching Manutd fans defend these same things. The difference is that under Mourinho, Chelsea won games by the tonnes while Manutd under mourinho are struggling every other week.


I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of Mourinho as we know him. It gives me great joy that it is not happening at Chelsea :slight_smile:



Oh yeah, Just like @Jakoyo loves good news


heheh lemmi laugh at this…we hve already won a cheer cup with mourinho and set up a league cup semi final with hull…ony one team standing in our way to clinch the second…

i dont hate arsenal team or its plastic fans…

You know your club is on a decline when you start counting the Community Shield as one of the trophies won.


beside Liverpool we have dominated all games and we have had more shots in and off target than any other team we have met…good days are coming. watch the space conte

get me right…i called ut a cheer cup and we won it coz we found ourselves in that situation…
last season man u won fa… arsenal won in suicides rates
this season we won a plate… arsenal hehehehe

Unfortunately for you, EPL is won by having as many wins as possible a few draws and countable losses. You are fairing badly on that front. There is no way to defend four consecutive draws at home.

after a draw with the hammers rui faria promised us of better days ahead…and after thrashing the hammers on Wednesday i think the so called better days zmewasili…

I never once imagined that Man utd fans will one day be this desperate to win ‘just anything’ I hope they win EFL, i really do, at least it will revitalize their morale…
Oh siiiiiiet, who am i kidding[ATTACH=full]70780[/ATTACH]

Aren’t you supposed to speak after sunday’s game?

des·per·ate /ˈdesp(ə)rət/
feeling, showing, or involving a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad as to be impossible to deal with.

[li](of an act or attempt) tried in despair or when everything else has failed; having little hope of success.[/li]“drugs used in a desperate attempt to save his life”
synonyms: last-ditch, last-gasp, eleventh-hour, do-or-die, final; More

[li](of a situation) extremely bad, serious, or dangerous[/li][/ul]

Desperate is having your coach sent off twice in just 10 games

as i said I fail to understand how one arrives at the decision to be an Arsenal fan…these guys must have had a troubled childhood.