Arsenali are taking it

Two teams cannot win the title simultaneously; they compete for victory. Winning remains a triumph, my braza. The champion is determined by the best-performing team, and as part of the Arsenal fanbase, we are content even if we win and Man City claims the title. Ni uchungu kweli lakini sio sana kama last season.

Remind me, Arsenal had not beaten Man u at old trafford for how long?

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Mzito let’s not make this a habit

Tottenham moved to from Whitehart lane
Currently play at Tottenham Hotspur stadium

where city has not won against them in the premier league but recently knocked them out of the fa cup on 26/1/24


Okombe ni ya pep kihara

While Chelsea tulibeba Champions League :grin:

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Hehe, let’s shift our focus to the present; the past is behind us chembilecho wahenga yaliyopita sio ndwele, tugange yajayo. Arsenal will compete in champions league football next season…tuanzie hapo sasa :grinning:

Arsenal may win their first champions league trophy next season
Mambo mazuri kama haya :grin: :grin:

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Now we are talking, hebu rudia kwa sauti ya juu kaka @dudu kuja usome kitu hapa ivi.

…the past, …the past… Oh… my friend, let’s not dwell too much on what happened before the First World War. We should be talking about what transpired at Old Trafford last Sunday. The mighty Arsenal FC, under the tutelage of Mikel Arteta, cruised past a helpless Manchester United side at Old Trafford.

Naona ibada ilishaanza @Dudu1 pitia hapa and type Amen.
Mungu saidia.


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technically it’s the same stadium bcoz they demolished and built a new modern stadium which is not yet named because they are waiting for a good offer for naming rights

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Naona muda unayoyoma, wacha niketi kitako, mechi ndio inaanza.

My prayer is simple, and I let the football gods decide. The matter is in their hands.

“Tottenham, we understand the recent mediocre outcomes, but we remain optimistic that you will stop Manchester City on our behalf. A draw is all we need.”

Cheekbuster hii maombi ikikosa kufika jua ni wewe umefanya. Na hautasamehewa.

Naona draw Wadau

Ile kukaza iko hapa weh!

Game itaisha Tottenham 1, Man City Nil.

Confirm hii maneno full time.

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Naona Tottenham wakifanya mistake hapo nyuma na hizo passes zao za upuss wafungwe moja.

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Fuck kanguthu halaand umbwa


Thats one of the easiest goals that albino has scored this season. Hata nimeenda kulala.

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Trying Not To Laugh GIF


Huyu mzae aweke Richalisson
He is a super sub

Hii imernda