Arsenal woes

Hata #6 itakuwa kwa bahati kubwa

These burgers can’t defend. They were being opened up like a can of tuna

What was the final score?


This is heart wrecking.
The worst defence ever

2-1 actually

Yes as it was away by the sea side.
Six losses in the last 10 matches.
Arsenal will never EVER be the same by the end of this day.

“Arsenal have lost 4 matches in a row across all competitions. Last time they had such a run was back in '02.” Saw this just before the City game. Yaani its going down as Arsenal’s worst season since they became a well recognized team.

The real agony will come when Man City wins the league early before league ends, followed by EPL teams kutolewa Champions league. This is when reality will sink in DEEP


Things are bad at the Emirates. Nkethia should be our target now that Laca-blood-klaat-zed is out with a knee injury.
This is baad.
If Arsenal don’t deliver at San Siro this Thursday, Garzidis and spineless Kröenke need to realise Àrsene is done and he needs to walk.

Kröenke will take a look at balance sheet and decide Wenger stays, hamna bahati.

Yes the returns on last Thursday’s financial report left Kröenke smiling all the way to equity with a cool 52 £million.
Dunno man, Wenger has lost the dressing room, these players are playing with a feeling that Wenger will NOT be here by summer. Kröenke doesn’t want Arsenè to go, but the best the board can do now is give Arsené conditions as it is apparent that only a divine intervention can change the current cloud that is hanging over the players.

  1. He should accept a change of setup in the squads management, turn things around a little bit, probably bring in Arteta(highly unlikely), Henry (very willing), Viera, Gallas, Pires or even Bergkamp to tandika these players.
  2. Tell Wenger, thank you sir for the memories, bring in a caretaker Ancelotti, Henry, Viera.

Lets wait and see but personally I highly doubt Kroenke will fire wenger because from the way things have been for several seasons winning has never been kroenke’s main concern.The most likely scenario is Wenger himself finally coming to a realization that he needs to move on and quit himself before his 2 yr contract expires.