Arsenal want Gabriel Jesus


Jesus ish ish lakini Calvert lewin tosha:D

Darwin Nunez

Jesus has decided he doesnt want to win any more trophies?

And arsenal will get Jesus

No longer needed & wanted by City. Arsenal is a mid-table team he can at least get a decent salary and a lot of playing time

Mid table?, Can’t remember the last time arsenal were a Mid table team, probably back in the middle ages

Following Haaland’s signing by Man City, they had to release Gabriel Jesus so that he can get enough playing time that a player of his quality deserves.

Gabriel will be a valuable addition and a definite upgrade for gunners squad.

I think he will blend in well with Arsenal’s young squad considering that there are two other Brazilians already there.

I can see him netting 25 or more goals for the gunners next season and winning at least one significant trophy.

If we get Jesus and Tielemans tunarudi era ya 2007/8. Kufyeka watu ispokua Big 2.

Release Laca let Nketiah be no. 2.

Wing Saka, Gabi/ ESR

AM- Odegaard.

Mid - Partey/Xhaka n Tielemans.

Nyuma wazito Gabriel na Saliba, Tomiyasu na Tierney.

Ramsdale kwenye neti.

Kaende sana

City are making a huge mistake, I think. In my opinion Jesus fits the Man City system a lot better than Haaland.
But then again, if I knew better than Pep, Kenya would be preparing for the world cup in Qatar!

the most stupid news i have heard in a long time. Gabriel Esus in the best team in Englad for several seasons with the best midfielder in the world KDB supplying him cant score goals kazi ni kupura ball na kuuza. what will he help Arsenal with ? there is no difference btn Gabriel esus and that flop we signed from chelsea Willian , pure bullshitt.

hapo ndio ntajua Edu is doing favors for his postwall Brazilian chieth

Postwall aje na the guy is only 25 y/o? His FIFA22 Stats:
Finishing 82
Pace 84
Dribbling 87
Ball control 87
His characteristics are better than our best player, Saka.
Jesus+Darwin Nunez/Sterling kama hawamtaki then we will challenge for top 3.

There is no way Laca atabaki Arsenal. The guy amekuwa bench warmer.
Probably itakuwa Jesus 1st choice and Nketiah as the backup.

Odegaard is playing well at Arsenal. Atleast ninaona huyu na Martinelli waki supply Jesus vipoa.

What does that mean for ESR? I wish the coach would switch from 4-2-3-1 attack to 4-3-3 holding.
… Ramsdale.

ESR ni off the bench na across the AM positions. Left wing or central.

BTW do you play FM?

I don’t play FM.
I feel having ESR constantly on the bench is killing his growth and he doesn’t really have the speed and acceleration of a winger. ODE hardly gets injured so if ESR is to wait for his chance then he will be relegated to cup games only. Besides, we need more goals from midfield since our forwards don’t really score.

I agree.
ESR has massive potential.

Haaland is very much what we need.

  1. Great physicality and can be a bully in the box which we are lacking.
  2. Superb finishing. He is arguably the best finisher on the planet. Our biggest strength so far has been creating chances. Our biggest weakness has been finishing them. This match makes a lot of sense. I like that he does not overthink. A lot of what we have lacked is someone who just blasts a shot on goal without endless passing or waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Remember we have also signed Julian Alvarez who will be playing next season. He has similar attributes to Jesus but supposedly better finishing. He can also drift and play wide as Jesus does.

Citeh are sorted for the next 3-5 yrs bora KDB abaki.