Arsenal vs Everchieth official thread.

So he is not playing well?

Jamaa ni winger, sasa naona wanajaribu kumfanya striker…



Torreira gets his first EPL start.

Snodgrass… Arrrrrgh. What is that?

Ozil, Ramsey, Xhaka? Hapa iko mtu ataumia between Bellerin na monreal…

Chelshit have been held on a barren draw.:smiley: the Sunday just got brighter.

We winning the league and Europa :cool:

Pls be nice @Tarantinoh. We are facing Liverfool on Wed I think?

Not a laughing matter.

Chelshit have been held on a barren draw.:smiley: the Sunday just got brigh

:D:D:D, it’s only a reaction to the jibes by the Kenyan fans.

I am hurting bigtime. I watch each game with my Chelsea in mind.

shait!! miamba wa soka have dropped points

That’s the definition of a loyal fan, keep it up.

Yes thanks. Tunafuata sana. Hata kama ni relegation tuko. My Kazo Kate and hubby are WestHam supporters…so jijazie hapo

I can imagine that, si wanagloat Sana? I hadn’t realised that it was a North London Derby until you mentioned that. Pole I can imagine the feeling.

It hurts biiiiiiiig. Dude it hurts. Yes they are laughing AT ME

Hii game na ile ya Leverkusen imechoma bet za watu

Madam, it is Liverpool. Let’s say it together L-I-V-E-R-P-O-O-L…LIVERPOOL.
And Ever:meffi:ton will nefa,nefa efa get anywhere near one of the greatest clubs of EPL…
Who are we playing next…don’t answer that. Tutawatwanga tu.

Arsenal are very shaky

The lads are playing like a bunch of country musicians, clueless and disjointed…mtu kama ozil anacatwalk around kama waiguru, the defence is shaky like that vera’s ass…tumetoboa first half bila kufungwa…issa miracle