Arsenal is useless

Kabisa tena sana

RIP Title Hopes

Alaaaa zinarudi. Odergaad amebeba team leo.

Napendaaaaa, another decade long dry spell

Arsenal ni useless kama nipples za matiti ya mwanaume.
Bure kabisa!

Lakini imetusaidia juu wangebeba kikombe ile mouthing tungepata for the next decade sio kidogo. Arsenal fans wamekuwa wakiimba kuhusu invincibles for the last 20 years.

If they win all the remaining games they will lift the trophy. Don’t write them off:D

How? Arsenal next fixtures; Man City (A), Chelsea(H), Newcastle(A), Brighton (H).

They can beat all the odds:D don’t be surprised

I knew they would bottle it. No spine. Man city will hammer the last nail in their coffin.

If they beat City and the other remaining matches, they will carry the day. However it doesn’t seem possible

Una hama Liverpool when it needs you most?

They can push for a draw with City.
Then wachape the othe burukenges.

Ni Raha tu arsenal ikiyanganywa 150 kabla imwage ndani

Draw could help if they had won yesterday against Southampton. So saizi they either win or win… ata wakidraw na man city bado haitawasaidia