Arsenal FC

Porto will park their mbus… In return leg.

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Penda sana


Wueh,I saw it coming. Nimeona PEPE pale nyuma nkashangaa, hio team imekalia arsenal. Defense iko imara, they’ll come to Emirates, but hio game Jesus angechezeshwa,asumbue hio defense. Noma sana anyway

Arsenal had ZERO shots on target.

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Woke up this morning with a funny feeling, kinda hollowness, emptyness in my chest and was wondering what happened nikakumbuka Arsenal we lost.

A defeat mazeh feels so personal…hii kitu inaweza pea mtu depression.

Recoverd though but am not happy. Feeling a lump in my throat. Arteta must do something. Wacha wakuje Emirates we finish them.

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The annual Arsenal implosion has started. See them lose several matches in quick succession

Arsenal with zero experience in European competitions. Guys thought they were playing Burnley :joy:. Porto Ni hatari. And just that way arsenal is exiting the competition. 2nd leg in Emirates draw ya 0-0 or 1-1 is on the cards. Thats the best arsenal will get.