Arsenal fan commits suicide

Huyu alikuwa amebeat na pesa za chama ama aje? #RIP

Inakaa alichukua deni kwa mafia ya bet, but funny enough about kedo six seven years back if my memory still is my friend there was a similar incident in Nairobi with an arsenal fan

Video ya zamani sana. Angalia logo ya NTV.

Wah, this is so primitive. am glad I am team ‘YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE’

Hii ni kitambo nanii

when congo was zaire

What did the mersey side win last and when?

Well whatever it is will be better than suicide

yaani ,liverpool imewai win champions league na ass n all bado

Old video. It shows u the lengths pple can go for banter not caring about opening old wounds. Tell me if this was your family member alafu u wake up on a Monday morning to this?

Banter about anything bt leave death out of the equation.


I let you make Maraga’s ruling on this one

The club has won 13 League titles, a record 13 FA Cups, two League Cups, the League Centenary Trophy, 15 FA Community Shields, one UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and one Inter-Cities Fairs Cup.

The club has won 18 League titles, 7 FA Cups, 8 League Cups, 15 FA Community Shields, 5 European Cups, 3 UEFA Cups and 3 UEFA Super Cups.

Thanks but not thanks…
Remember, I specifically asked WHAT and WHEN…unanipatia shelf ya museum…
You ARE WALKING ALONE on this one.:p:p:p

My verdict based on just 2 points…longer version available in 21 days.

  1. The last time Everpool won anything close to a premiership is almost 3decades ago in 1990.:cool:
    Just for the record, this is way before the inception of the English Premier league

  2. The last time Everpool won anything is almost 8 years ago when the bagged in the Mickey trophy (Carabou cup/league cup) in 2010/11, if that is not being in a coma, I don’t know what else this can be:p


This is where the Men and the Boys are separated. You are still a boy growing up. Come back when your name appears in this list smart boy

Titles and success

Season Team Victory coaches UEFA Champions League
16/17 Real Madrid Zinédine Zidane
15/16 Real Madrid Zinédine Zidane
14/15 FC Barcelona Luis Enrique
13/14 Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti
12/13 Bayern Munich Jupp Heynckes
11/12 Chelsea FC Roberto Di Matteo
10/11 FC Barcelona Pep Guardiola
09/10 FC Internazionale José Mourinho
08/09 FC Barcelona Pep Guardiola
07/08 Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson
06/07 AC Milan Carlo Ancelotti
05/06 FC Barcelona Frank Rijkaard
04/05 Liverpool FC Rafael Benítez
03/04 FC Porto José Mourinho
02/03 Milan AC Carlo Ancelotti
01/02 Real Madrid Vicente del Bosque

You can debate without employing profanities, ama wewe pia ni mlemavu?
Enough of that…

The final verdict, EVERLOOSINGPOOL have NOT bagged in ANY Silverware in almost 10 years, NOTHING:cool::D:eek:.
EVERLOOSINGPOOL, is a relic of yesterday years left to polishing the Carabou cup of 2010/11:eek:
ALWAYS capitalising on past glory.

tuko ngangari na Wenger

“Kabla halftime si…nini…Arsenal ilikuwa ishachapwa mbili?” :D:D. Hii ilikuwa game gani hii na iliisha ngapi?

Ignore the rest check out the 07/08 season

If ur team appears in this list then ur OK, but if not ur still a toddler, note that I have ignored the boy